Are Chow Chows Mean? (Explained)

Are Chow Chows aggressive and mean breeds? Most dog aggressions are caused by the owner’s poor socializing and training. Chow Chows are known to be protective, loyal, and headstrong, but what is their true temperament? Are they as mean as people claim? Well, below, we will examine why Chow Chows are misconceived as aggressive and mean.

Are Chow Chows Mean?

Chow Chows are primitive dogs that are territorial and may come across as mean. Aggression can be a vital part of their temperament; however, they can be raised as loving and friendly pets. Their aggression needs to be addressed as early as possible to prevent the aggregation of their aggression and overprotectiveness.

Properly trained Chow chows can be the most loving family pets; they will protect their family with honor.

Chow Chow Temperaments

Chow Chows have a guarding instinct which makes them skeptical of strangers. They make excellent family pets; however, they are not playful or patient and prefer to stay alone away from boisterous children. Chow Chows are strong breeds that tend to be stubborn and strong-willed, so they will not make a good choice for novice owners.

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Are Chow Chows Grumpy?

Chow Chows are not grumpy however like to be left alone. Chow chows are introverted, and even though they look cuddly and playful, they like being independent. They do not require too much physical attention and may sometimes seem to be avoiding you; however, they are just doing what they want to do best: spend time alone and relaxing. They also do not require much exercise, so that a quick walk will be sufficient.

Chow Chow’s Behavior Issues

Chow Chows can be stubborn and aloof with people and pets they don’t know. Their history is of being guard dogs for families and their livestock which explains their territorial nature. Socializing your Chow Chow as early as possible with pets and people is essential to prevent their aggression. Training will also ensure their stubbornness is reduced and they start to listen.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive To Humans?

Chow Chows are territorial dogs that may show signs of aggression toward strangers. Chow Chow has a history of being one of the best breeds to have as guard dogs because of their power and strength. They also have a reputation for being overprotective of their family and may show aggression if they feel their loved ones are in danger.

Strangers may trigger the Chow Chows’ protective nature. They may become territorial and frighten off guests, so ensure that your Chow Chow is adequately socialized to reduce their aggression towards strangers.

Can Chow Chows Be Friendly?

Chow Chow is a friendly ancient breed that families love. Chow Chows show affection by bonding with family members through being silly goofballs and are extremely good with children that do not play too rough with them. Chow chows are dominant and territorial; however, when properly socialized, they can get along with others.

Do Chow Chows Run Away?

A Chow Chow will run away only when they feel unsafe. Chow Chows love their family, and serving them is one of the things they do best. They are happy dogs; however, if they are in an uncomfortable environment threatening their comfort, they may run away and become stray. In the case of adopted ones, they can run away in search of their previous owners.


Are Chow Chows More Aggressive?

Chow Chows can be overprotective when it comes to their family’s safety. Chow Chows love their families and will guard them with loyalty, and in the presence of strangers, they may become territorial and unfriendly, which can scare off people.

Are Chows Kid Friendly?

Chow Chows are great family dogs that are well-loved by kids. Chow Chows look adorable and naturally draw the attention of children; as long as there is supervision, Chow Chows are safe and child-friendly pets that will entertain your children.


Chow Chows are misconceived as aggressive and mean because of their territorial nature. Chows look like teddy bears; however, they are not into cuddling and instead prefer their own time relaxing.

Their nature is territorial, thus making them aggressive to other pets and strangers they cover across. The good news is that this aggression can be cured with proper training classes and socialization that helps them become accustomed to other pets and strangers.

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