Can You Have A Chow Chow In Texas? (Explained)

Texas has high temperatures annually, and global warming is making climates warmer than usual, and Texas is no different. Temperatures reach as high as 92 degrees F, which is quite hot if you are a Chow Chow with a thick double coat and if no precautions are taken to stop the overheating, heatstroke may occur. Below are tips to help Chow Chow owners in Texas to prevent and manage overheating in Chow Chows.

Can You Have A Chow Chow In Texas?

Chow Chows are allowed in Texas. Texas has no laws that ban having Chow Chows as a pet in the state; however, they are considered high-risk breeds because of their aggression. Owners will need to ensure they keep their Chow Chow under control and ensure they are well cared for in the Texas climate by being hydrated and kept out of the heat. 

Can Chow Chow Survive In Hot Weather?

Chow Chows can survive in hot weather; however, it is not recommended to leave them out in the heat for long periods. Chow Chows are short-muzzled breeds prone to breathing difficulties, especially during intense heat. Move your Chow Chow inside or cool them down with water when temperatures rise. 

Why Is Chow Chow A Restricted Breed?

Chow Chows are restricted because they are considered dangerous. They are notorious for being aggressive to strangers and other dogs. Thus, Texas has preventive laws in place to ensure owners avoid incidences from happening. Owners must keep them leashed at all times and prevent their dogs from frightening the public.

Can A Chow Chow Withstand Cold Weather?

Chow Chows do very well in cold weather. Their ancestral home is in the Himalayas, where temperatures can go below zero. Chow Chows have adapted to the cold by having a thick double coat that insulates them from the cold. 

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Chow Chows?

Temperatures above 90 degrees F are considered intense for Chow Chows. Chow Chows have double coats that insulate them in winter; however, in summer, it does not cool them; thus, they tend to overheat faster unless they are hydrated and kept in the shade. Heatstrokes are severe however also possible to prevent and manage. 

How Do You Keep Chows Cool In Hot Weather?

Texas weather can reach temperatures as high as 90-93 degrees F. Texas has very high temperatures, and as a Chow Chow owner, you must ensure that they are kept from intense heat. If you suspect they are overheating, remove them from the heat and hydrate them with sufficient water. 

Do Chow Chows Get Hot Easily?

Chow Chows get hot easily because of their double coat. Chow Chows are bred to survive in cold climates, and double coats protect them in the winter; however, in summer, it does not keep them cool, so they overheat when it is too hot. Chow Chows also get hot easily because they are short-snouted, and their flat faces make it difficult for air to cool before inhaling. 


Chow Chow owners must ensure their pets are well protected from the heat. Although Chow Chows can withstand high temperatures, it is not advisable to permit them to spend too much time in the heat, and if you suspect they are overheating, take them inside and consume sufficient water.

Overheating can be dangerous for your Chow Chow if left unattended; however, if you act fast, the effects of overheating can be managed from home.

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