10 Dog Breeds That Can Beat A Pitbull (With Pictures)

Pitbulls were notoriously known as some of the best fighting dogs. They were bred and used in dog fights illegally across various countries because they tend to develop aggressive temperaments when trained as fighting dogs. In addition, Pitbulls are known for their physical strength, speed, and bite power.

So, we ask, are dog breeds capable of beating Pitbulls? We have compiled a list of 10 dog breeds that could give a Pitbull a run for their money.

10 Dog Breeds That Can Beat A Pitbull

1. Rottweiler

rottweiler on a leash

Although the Rottweiler is not the biggest dog on this list, it is about 27 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. Even though Rottweilers are not the biggest, they can match some of the bigger dogs in terms of their strength. Rottweilers are muscle dogs who excel at running and chasing down threats. These attributes and their protective nature make them the ideal watchdog.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are big dogs who were originally bred to be bodyguards. They are approximately 30 inches tall and weigh 230 pounds. Along with their impressive size, Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their bravery and loyalty, thus making them incredible family dogs. However, you should consider whether you would be able to care for a dog of that size.

3. Presa Canario

Perro de Presa Canario

These dogs are suspicious of strangers and other animals, which can cause them to be somewhat aggressive towards them. However, if they are trained with patience, Presa Canarios tend to be docile, obedient, and loyal toward their family. In terms of their size, Presa Canario’s stand at about 22 to 26 inches, while they weigh between 84 to 110 pounds.

4. Boerboel


Boerboels are strong dogs who would make ideal guard dogs; however, they are just as affectionate, calm, and loving. The Boerboel breed originates from South Africa, where they helped numerous farmers by protecting their farms from hyenas and other threats. Although this breed is easy to groom and has a calm temperament, they tend to be territorial, making them quite suspicious of strangers.

5. Central Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Shepherd

Also known as the Middle Asian Ovtcharka, this dog breed has been around for thousands of years. Central Asian Shepherds are large dogs who weigh about 88 to 110 pounds and stand at 24 to 28 inches. They are highly energetic, so if you have children, then the Central Asian Shepherd would make an excellent playmate. As indicated by their loving nature, Central Asian Shepherds are fierce and devoted protectors when it comes down to it.

6. Kangal


The Kangal is a large and powerful dog, generally between 28 to 34 inches tall while weighing between 90 to 150 pounds. A Kangal would not be an ideal match for a novice dog owner because they tend to be stubborn and independent. Their size, strength, and stubborn nature will require an experienced dog owner to train them.

7. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Originally bred to hunt wild boars and other animals in Argentina, Dogo Argentino’s come with high energy and remarkable athleticism. They possess the incredible speed that has allowed them to chase after their hunting preys. Now, as family dogs, they are highly energetic and affectionate. If you love the outdoors and are an active person, then the Dogo Argentino is the perfect breed for you.

8. English Mastiff

English Mastiff

Despite their great size, English Mastiffs are incredible companions. They stand at 27 to 32 inches and weigh between 130 to 220 pounds. As a novice dog owner, you should not get an English Mastiff. Although they are renowned for their affectionate nature towards their family and children, they tend to be stubborn.

9. Cane Corso

the cane corso

The Cane Corso can be described as a busybody. As working dogs, they tend always to want something to do. A Cane Corso would be the ideal dog for an active family that also has a large but fenced yard for their dog to play in. Cane Corsos are strong and athletic. They are prey-driven, so you may find them chasing birds around the yard.

10. American Bandogge

american bandogge
Photo Credits – K9Web

The American Bandogge is a large and domineering crossbreed. They are about 19 t 30 inches tall and weigh between 85 to 140 pounds. Over the years, their aggressive nature has resulted in them being used in illegal dog fights. However, with a considerate owner, this breed tends to be gentle. 

Is A Pitbull The Strongest Breed Of Dog? 

No, the Pitbull is not the strongest dog breed. The Pitbull came to be from a mixture of Bulldogs and Terriers. The aim was to produce a more powerful dog breed. The Bulldog and Terrier mixture resulted in the Pitbull, a dog breed possessing powerful bite force. 

Despite the common misconception that Pitbulls are naturally aggressive, Pitbulls are loving and playful dogs. These characteristics will be displayed when they are raised in a loving home. With patience, training a Pitbull tends to be an easy task.

Who Would Win In A Fight, A Pitbull Or Coyote?

It depends on the Pitbull’s upbringing. If the Pitbull has been in a hunting environment where it has had to be in tune with its wild instincts, then they stand a good chance of defeating a Coyote in a one-on-one altercation. However, if the Pitbull is highly domesticated, it would struggle to fight against a Coyote.

Coyotes live in the wild, where they constantly must be in tune with their wild instinct, and they also have to hunt for their food, allowing them to have better judgment in a fighting situation. However, Pitbulls have superior bite force when compared to Coyotes. While a Coyote would generally have a bite force of 135 PSI, a Pitbull has a bite force of about 235 PSI. 

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Which Dog Can Beat All Dogs? 

The American Pitbull Terrier is the one dog breed that could beat all other dog breeds. The American Pitbull Terrier was initially bred as a bait dog for bulls. These dogs do not only have physical strength, but they also possess impressive speed and agility. Even in domestic settings, their natural athleticism manifests in their playful tendencies. 

Now American Pitbull terriers are generally owned as companion dogs. As companions, they tend to be affectionate toward their family and cannot tolerate being left alone for too long.

Kangal Vs. Pitbull Who Would Win? 

When a Kangal is faced against a Pitbull, the Kangal is guaranteed to win. Kangals are significantly larger than Pitbulls; they are almost twice their size. Aside from their size, the Kangal possess other attributes that outmatch the Pitbull. One of these attributes is its bite force. 

While the Pitbull’s bite fore is 235 PSI, that of the Kangal is 734 PSI. Kangals are known for being a breed with immense bite force.


Can A Boxer Beat A Pitbull?

No, a Boxer can not beat a Pitbull. However, the battle between these two breeds is a tight one. The boxer and pitbull are approximately the exact sizes, and the pit bull’s bite force is slightly more potent than a Boxer, which can be the determining factor.

Can A Pitbull Beat A Wolf?

No, a Pitbull will not beat a Wolf when faced with each other. Wolves are in tune with their wild instincts and often find themselves in such situations as Pitbulls. Due to their wild instinct, a wolf would beat a Pitbull.

Can A Pitbull Beat A Cane Corso?

No, a Pitbull cannot beat a Cane Corso. Cane Corsos are generally not as athletic as Pitbulls. However, the Cane Corso is a larger and stronger breed than the Pitbull, and the Cane Corso also has a stronger bite force than the Pitbull.

Can A Pitbull Fight A Lion?

No, a pitbull cannot fight a lion. If a pitbull does try to fight a lion, it would be severely outmatched. Lions are bigger, stronger, fiercer, and have more intense wild instincts. Lions live in a hierarchy system emphasizing strength; compared to a domesticated pitbull, the lion would easily win.

Can A Pitbull Beat A Kangal?

No, a Pitbull cannot beat a Kangal if they were to fight, and Kangals are larger and have more biting force than Pitbulls. Kangals were bred in Turkey to be shepherd dogs capable of defeating large animals that would target the livestock.

Can A Dogo Argentino Beat A Pitbull?

Yes, a Dogo Argentino can beat a pit bull. Dogo Argentinos are significantly more agile than Pitbulls and have a more powerful bite force of 500 PSI. The Dogo Argentino’s superior agility and bite force are the driving force that allows it to defeat the pitbull.

Can A Great Dane Kill A Pitbull

Yes, a Great Dane can kill a pit bull, and Great Danes have a more powerful bite force than pit bulls. Despite their generally sweet and calm demeanor, Great Danes can quickly become aggressive and lash out.


Despite the Pit bull’s physical strength and impressive bite force, several dog breeds can beat a Pitbull. Some dogs have more powerful bite forces than the Pitbull, while others are generally stronger on multiple fronts. Even though pit bulls are usually portrayed as aggressive dogs, keep in mind that pit bulls are sweet and loving dogs when trained accordingly.

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