What Dogs Do Chow Chows Get Along With? (With Pictures)

Chow Chows are easily recognizable with their distinctive appearance. They are an ancient breed previously used for hunting and labor in China and thus have a predatory nature. They are loyal to their owners but can be aloof to guests or other dogs. 

Are you wanting to introduce a new family member but wondering if they will get along with your Chow? Below we discuss the best-suited companions for your Chow Chow.

Are Chow Chows Friendly With Other Dogs?

Trained and socialized Chow Chows are friendly with other dogs, and Chow Chows have an aggressive nature that has to be well trained. Getting them into socializing training as early into their puppyhood as possible is best, putting them in a better position to tolerate other animals. Keep an eye out if you have a same-gender dog if you are bringing home a Chow Chow because they show more aggression towards the same gender.

What Dogs Do Chow Chows Get Along With?

Here’s a list of 17 dog breeds that can get along with Chow Chows and make great companions.



Samoyeds are fun, easing going the dogs that are great for families. It is best to opt for a female because your Chow might show aggression toward a male. Chow Chows are territorial; however, with your Samoyed’s cool-carefree temperament, they will do less competing for territory.

Tibetan Terrier 

Tibetan Terrier 

Tibetan Terriers are loving and gentle dogs that make great companions. They have separation anxiety and are less dominant, so that they will make perfect partners for your Chow Chow. 



Chow Chows may get aggressive towards other dogs that compete for dominance. Bullmastiffs are docile and make great companions for Chow Chows because they will not compete for territory.

Anatolian Shepherd 

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian shepherds are friendly and affectionate dogs that get along with other dogs; their kind and patient nature will allow them to get along with Chows, who are more reserved.

Black And Tan Coonhound 

Black And Tan Coonhound

Black And Tan Coonhound can easily be socialized to get along with all dogs. They will likely get along well if you socialize your Chow during puppyhood and slowly introduce your Black And Tan Coonhound. 



Newfoundlands are pleasers and will try to make their companions happy. They are playful and easygoing, and will be good friends with your Chow Chow.



Chow Chows have a strong nature, and Kuvasz is aloof. The best way to get these dogs to get along is to give them intense socializing and training.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are dominant breeds. Similarly to Chow Chows, they can be stubborn, so a lot of work will need to go into socializing before introducing these two at home. 



Borzois are friendly and get along well with most dogs that they live with. You must ensure that you get a male if you plan on introducing them to your male Chow.

Gordon Setter 

Gordon Setter 

Gordon Setter is highly energetic and loves being affectionate to those around them. They will get along with your Chow because they are not aggressive and will instead want to play. 

English Springer Spaniel 

english springer spaniel

Introducing these two as early as possible is essential to socialize and to get along. The English Springer Spaniel is cheerful, social, and playful, opposite to the introverted Chow that may defend its territory. 



Malamute is sensitive to confrontation; however, they are friendly. Introduce your Chow Chow to a female Malamute instead of a male to prevent a territorial dispute.

Chow Chow 

chow chow

If you want another Chow Chow, it is advisable to get a female. Chow Chows are dominant breeds and will get defensive if another same-gender Chow moves in.

 French Bulldog 

French Bulldog 1

Chow Chows have a high prey drive which could lead them to attack small dogs or animals. However, if you properly train your Chow and allow them to get to know your French Bulldog, they will get along because of the Bulldog’s carefree temperament. 


Huskies are not prone to aggression, nor are they territorial; however, to get your Chow used to their presence, they will need to be socialized from a young age. Huskies get along well with other dogs they grew up with.

siberian husky

Saint Bernard 

St. Bernard

Saint Bernard makes good companion dogs highly affectionate with their family, making your Chow feel invited and part of the family. 

Golden Retriever

golden retriever 1

Ensure that you introduce your Chow to your new Golden Retriever on neutral ground and hold onto the leash. Once you see that they respond positively to one another, you can remove the leash.

Why Socialization And Training Is Key For Getting A Companion For Your Chow 

Socializing your Chow Chow will make them confident and less aggressive. Socializing your Chow Chow involves exposing them to various people, dogs, and animals as much as possible and ensuring a good experience. Chow Chows are dominant breeds and may become stubborn if they do not receive training early.

Little or no socializing also leads to fear and heightened anxiety which may cause your Chow Chow to act out unpredictably. Social training gives your dog confidence and experience, so if you want to introduce another dog or animal to the family, you need to ensure that your Chow is socialized. Socializing should occur in a neutral place where the dogs can get to know each other without your Chow getting defensive and protective of his home and family.

Socializing Your Chow Chow Puppy 

Socialising is difficult and is practiced and reinforced over your Chow Chow lifespan. Socializing your Chow Chow with its surroundings from puppyhood is extremely important because it will make them confident and less anxious in uncertain situations. 

During puppyhood at 8-12 weeks, your Chow goes through the fear imprinting stage where they are sensitive to trauma in any form around them, which could scar them. Positive socialization must therefore be exposed to them to build their confidence. 

Do not overwhelm them with too many experiences because socializing aims to decrease anxiety and desensitize them so that they will have the confidence to engage and discover the world around them. Overstimulation may cause them to become fearful and withdraw. Try getting your Chow pup to familiarise themselves with surfaces like grass, tiles, sand, water, and various sounds and objects they come across. Do not let too many people handle them! 

Puppies are sensitive to everything around them and learn fast, so socialization helps with character development and discipline. It takes a lot of time; however, it is worth having an obedient Chow Chow than one that is stubborn and strong-headed.


Can Chow Chows Live With Small Dogs? 

Chow Chows can live alongside other animals if they are trained. Chow Chows are territorial, so it is essential to socialize them early to get them used to share their living environment. 

Do Chow Chows Get Along With Pitbulls? 

Yes, Chow Chows can get along with Pitbulls and other breeds. Chow Chows that are well-trained have no problem living alongside other dogs or animals, such as cats. Without training, they will become territorial and aggressive toward other animals. 

Are Chow Chows More Aggressive Than Pit Bulls? 

Chow Chows have a strong temperament but are less aggressive than Pitbulls. Chow Chows are usually well-trained to calm their aggression; however, those they do tend to be bold, territorial, and aloof to strangers and other dogs. 


Chow Chows are powerful yet affectionate dogs that love their families. They are often misunderstood because of their territorial nature and labeled as aggressive and unable to get along with other dogs or animals; however, this is far from the truth.

They have shown to be the most loving and protective breeds to their families, with the capacity to get along with all other animals.

Much of how they behave depends on the social training they receive in their puppyhood, which encourages and prepares them for a world of discovery.

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