Why Does My Chow Chow Bite? What Can I Do About It?

Do you ever feel worried about your Chow Chow’s biting behavior? If your Chow Chow’s biting is uncontrollable, it is a severe issue, and their harsh behavior may harm you and the people around you.

Even if your Chow Chow loves you but doesn’t obey you sometimes, it’s not your fault. All they require is some training with love. All the different ways, methods, and tips mentioned below will help a new or a bothered Chow Chow dog owner bring their dog’s biting under control; they will be docile and obedient if you follow the method and advice discussed throughout this article. 

Why Does My Chow Chow Bite?

Chow Chow dogs are the most individualistic, accessible, and proud dogs, who are more likely to bite or pounce if their owner or a stranger shows them harsh or aggressive behavior. They may bite for several other reasons, such as excitement, unhappiness, anxiety, etc. 

Bitting At The Puppy Stage

If your Chow Chow puppy is biting and you neglect it thinking it’s just a little bit of harmless fun. Regardless of how they are allowed to bite now, their biting behavior may lead to severe issues and hurt you or even people around you as they grow older. You should follow specific rules with your Chow Chow puppy to avoid biting. 

First, you have to be persistent when it comes to your Chow Chow biting. For example, if you once let your puppy bite you playfully and then let them off the next time whenever they bite will only confuse them. So from day one, when you bring your Chow Chow puppy into your home, start with a complete no-biting policy.

Being accordant and regular will immediately control their biting. Chow Chow dogs are the most ancient dog breed from China and were used for hunting, herding, guarding, protecting, and pulling. They were known as multi-purpose dogs.

Because of this particular background, they tend to want and try to be the family’s leader, and setting up the leadership position leads them to bite. So try to be your Chow Chow’s leader as soon as you bring them into your home.

Letting out some particular sound that shows that you are in pain, screaming, or howling, similarly as your Chow Chow does, will make them realize that biting is intolerable and this behavior is unacceptable. All family members should make the same sound so your dog doesn’t get confused and will not bite again. 

Chow Chow puppies love to bite or chew anything and everything; they may playfully bite your hands or toes. To avoid this biting, you should find some other replacement, such as giving them soft toys and telling them a straight “NO” when they bite again.

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Bitting At The Adult Stage

If your Chow Chow continues biting at the adult stage, it is critical for you and those around you. If you cannot control your Chow Chows biting in their adulthood, then it’s the right time. Also, the right thing to do is get a professional dog trainer’s help; their experience and skills will help get your Chow Chows biting under control. 

However, it is essential to get your Chow Chows biting under control before they cause harm to others. There could be some particular reasons why your Chow Chow maybe is biting:

  1. Your Chow Chow may be suffering from anxiety or anxious about something around them that ultimately makes them unhappy, and they bite.
  1. Like in the puppy stage, your Chow Chow may be trying to be the leader; here, you must try to become the leader yourself to avoid your Chow Chow biting. 
  1. Another reason your Chow Chow is biting can be that they are sick or in pain. To find out the exact cause, I suggest you take them to veterinary care for a check-up. 

It is a big deal and can be very serious if a dog bites you or the ones around you and cause you any harm. So stop your Chow Chow from biting today by following the above tips and advice. 

How Do I Stop My Chow Chow From Biting?

There could be many reasons why your Chow is biting as they are the most aggressive and short-tempered dogs,  and there are various tricks, tips, and methods to stop your Chow Chow from biting, given as follows:

How Do I Stop My Chow Chow From Biting

1.) Bite The Right Thing Method

Being a leader of your Chow Chow from the very beginning will substantially impact your dog, and it will be under control. Be consistent and firm about the “Bite The Right Thing” method; as often you talk and socialize with your dog, they will understand it better. 

You may also make them sit for everything, like before a meal, giving them a treat, making them sit before you pet them, and before you take them outside, etc. this will maintain discipline in your dog. 

2.) No Teeth On Me

As we all know, Chow Chow loves to bite or chew anything and almost everything, but teaching them what to bite and what not to bite is the owner’s duty. They may bite your hands, toes, or other body parts, which is very harmful and unacceptable; you can stop this by telling them a straight and firm “No Teeth On Me.” Instead, replace it with some toys. 

3.) Train And Socialize Your Chow Chow A Lot

Training and socializing with them could help you; for example, If they bite you during a game, don’t pull your hand away instantly, as your dog may bite you harder, which can cause you more harm. Make a yelping sound, so they will know that this action causes harm and is painful.

Instead, you can stop the game and ignore them for 30 to 40 seconds or so, or you can even lock yourself in a room for a little while and later again start the game. By doing this, your Chow Chow will understand that painful play stops and gentle play continue.  

Do Chow Chows Bite Their Owners?

Although Chow Chows are known to be the most calming and obedient dogs, they are recently listed as the most aggressive dog breed exposed to biting people, their respective owners, and mostly small children. This can be a sign of them being the most ancient dog breed originally from China and was used for hunting, herding, defending, protecting, and guardian in those old times.

Because of this particular background, they always tend to want and try to be the family’s leader, and they can even bite the owners sometimes in anger. 

How Do You Discipline A Chow Chow?

Chow Chows are supposed to need more discipline than most other dogs; disruptive training methods like hitting, yelling, or shock collars are firstly worthless and secondly very brutal towards your dogs. Instead, talking and socializing with them with love and affection will be fruitful, and training them with reward-based methods will help discipline your Chow Chow. 

Do Chow Chows Have A Strong Bite?

Chow Chows were the most ancient Chinese breed, mainly used for hunting, guarding, and in war. They have the most robust jaws and ferocious dog breeds and are primarily known for their strength and aggressive behavior. Their bite can apply an enormous amount of force.  They are recently listed as the most aggressive dog breed exposed to biting people, mostly small children. 


Are Chow Chows Naturally Aggressive?

Chow Chow dogs were initially bred to guard and hunt; due to this background, they are highly aggressive and can be very bounded in their homes and towards their family members. They are generally not outgoing or social dogs; they may be friendly and happy around the family and home but can get aggressive towards strangers, visitors, and other dogs. 


Chow Chow dogs are listed as the most aggressive dog breed because of the attacks that have been announced recently. Still, those Chows need proper training, and suitable training methods will help them improve, and they will obey their owners. 

Therefore, the owner’s responsibility is to bring the best out of their beloved Chow Chow and enjoy their company as they are the most loyal and loveable dogs. 

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