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About Author

Hello, how are you?

My name is Lily Scott, and I’m 29 years old and a avid dog lover.

I personally love dogs and if you ask me how much, I literally can’t explain because those words can’t be just explained in words <3

You can say that I love dogs 3000 😉

Basically, I have a Rottie (Chester) and another is Max (Golden Retriever) my best companion and you’ll see them in my articles, I keep on talking about them.

I’m really fond of dogs since my childhood and I have pretty good knowledge about them, Just then I thought of starting a blog and now I run this blog and keep on posting related things about them.

I post articles related to their health, grooming and many informational content which helps people like you to acquire good understandings.

As an experienced dog lover I love to share my thoughts.

(I also love to write, and as a hobby I spend my spare time on this Blog)

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