Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever In 2022

Why should I use these Shock Collars? It feels a bit scary to put it on your Golden but it is not harmful the way you might be thinking, it is designed to train your Golden Retriever. To correct negative or unsafe behaviors these shock collars are used and the intention behind using them is not at all punishment.

golden retriever running

But what is the reason behind using shock collars on Golden Retrievers? Well, sometimes our Golden Retrievers do some unruly or naughty things. They might chase a car on happening streets or a pet (cat) if you have one in your house or might run away from your house. Moreover, they keep on barking day & night, approach and attack strangers, by not even obeying any of your commands.

Here comes the use of shock collars, after having it on your Golden Retriever you would find your Golden to be more obedient, soft, and even smarter. After all, you will see how excellent the improvement in your Golden Retriever is!

Not only just teaching, but it also takes your dog’s skills to next level, from correcting poor behaviors you can turn your dog into the dog you desired to have.

Choosing the best shock collar for Golden Retrievers is really tough but I’ve done the hectic part for you!

Top 5 Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever (Overview)

Are you in a HURRY?

Wait, and have a look at this table! I hope that this would save much time of yours. You can be assured, we only choose the Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever.

Best Overall
Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and...
Runner Up
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock,...
Best Long Distance
Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5...
Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and...
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock,...
Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5...
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Overall
Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and...
Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and...
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Runner Up
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock,...
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock,...
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Best Long Distance
Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5...
Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5...
Prime Benefits

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Things To Consider While Buying The Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever!

There are a few things to consider before buying a shock collar. So, have a look at these pointers before moving on to the “List Of Best Shock Collar For Golden Retrievers”.

  • It should have at least 3 training modes – Beep, Vibration, and Static or Shock.
  • It has to be waterproof or rainproof.
  • Range control should be at least 300+ yards.
  • Good Long Lasting Battery Life.
  • Safe humane & effective.

These are some basic things that you should look into before buying a shock collar, and other than these if you get some extra features then it’s the cherry on the cake!

List Of Best Shock Collar For Golden Retriever

Below listed each shock collar has some special specifications, the first and second ones are general and the best (all-rounder) third is the best budget pick, the fourth one is the best waterproof and the last one is the best long-distance shock collar.

1. Dog Training Collar – Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock Training Modes by DOG CARE (Best Overall)

Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and...
  • Multiple training modes dog shock collar with remote. Dogcare electronic dog training...
  • Less accidental shock. Have you ever feel sorry for the accidental shock to your dog...

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DOG CARE will help you to correct your Golden Retriever’s unwanted behavior with their reasonable priced dog training shock collar.

With multiple training modules like beep mode, shock mode, and vibration mode, this shock collar’s antenna ranges up to 330 yards.

Shock collar strap size and static levels are adjustable, that says, you can adjust shock levels 0-99, alongside less accidental shocks with remote.

As safety is their prime concern, the collars are designed with a low voltage that results in gentle static which will not hurt your Golden Retriever.

Good battery life, multi-channel single remote control, long-range remote, and waterproof receiver are a few key features of the DOG CARE training shock collar.

2. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs (Runner Up)

PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock,...
  • 3 MODES WITH 16 LEVELS: Use the vibration or static correction modes with 16 different...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS OR PROS: The blind operation on the dog shock collar with remote makes...

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Are you a new pet parent? Well, this easy-to-use premium shock collar from PetSpy will help you by eliminating the unwanted behavior from your Golden Retriever.

This E-collar from PetSpy is also a go-to option for expert trainers. With a bunch of features, this product stands out to be number one from the league. 

Lifetime replacement guarantee and 24/7 customer support this product comes out to be one of the premium and reliable shock collar. 

It has 3 humane training modes which include the tone mode (beep trainer), vibration mode, and the shock mode with 16 adjustable levels for different sensitivity and weight.

Dogs weighing between 10-140lbs which means your Golden Retriever should be at least 9-10 weeks old before you get this collar on him.

After purchase PetSpy additionally gives you Video Trainings and an e-book for FREE, no additional charges.

How can this shock collar help you? It helps correct barking, aggressive leash pulling, wandering off, approaching strangers, and more.

Check out this 1-minute video of what Michael says, he bought this shock collar and his dog ‘Sandy’ did experienced changes in behavior.

Best premium & easy-to-operate shock Collar for your Golden Retriever with 3 training modules, 100% waterproof and the antenna range covers up to 650 yards.

3. PAT PET Dog Training Collar with Remote Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collar for Dogs w/3 Training Modes (Best Budget Pick)

No products found.

For new pet parents, this is an easy-to-operate best budget shock collar with an easy access button and simple design format.

This shock collar from PAT PET features 3 training modes, vibration, beep, and shock mode. The levels of shock mode are from 1-16, for vibration it is from 1-8.

A waterproof receiver, which is IPX7 waterproof and rechargeable battery for both remote and receiver. With the user manual which is delivered with the shock collar, you can get the things to assemble as easily as apple-pie.

With a range control of 330 yards, you can use the wireless remote to have control over the receiver.

The length of the nylon belt is 7.8-24.8 inches, which is adjustable and suitable for 15-100lbs dog.

For safety, there’s a super safe protection mode that will deactivate the collar when the vibration or static shock continuously work over 10 seconds.

Everything a dog training shock collar requires is covered in this device by PAT PET. Key features like Double Protection Receive Collar, 100% Waterproof Receiver, and 330 yards long-range make a good choice if you are looking for a budget shock collar for Golden Retriever.

4. Slopehill Dog Training Collar, Small Size Shock Collar for Small to Large Dogs 5-140lbs (Best Waterproof)

No products found.

This shock collar from Slopehill comes out to be the best waterproof dog training shock collar, which is IP68 waterproof and it is perfect for your Golden to swim and play games outdoor.

To solve the uncontrolled Golden Retriever’s behavioral problems, this device has four training modes, which are beep mode, vibration mode, LED light mode, and static stimulation mode. This would help you to teach basic obedience commands to your Golden.

The vibration and static levels are adjustable from 0-99, and even the collar (receiver) strap is adjustable from 8-26 inches. Suitable for dogs of all sizes from 5-149lbs.

The remote range up to 330 yards with no obstacle, and can easily train your dog in your backyard or in an open space.

Extra-long life and rechargeable battery for both of the devices (remote & receiver). Alongside you can charge both of the devices at a time with a USB cable which is delivered with the device. If charged the shock collar for 2-3 hours it can work for 15-20 days.

Key Features:

  • Deliver’s Clear Signals
  • Double Protection
  • LED Light & Reflective Strap
  • USB Charging
  • Smart Remote Controller
  • IP68 Waterproof

Correct bad habits of your Golden with this professional dog training collar by Slopehill.

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar IPX7 Waterproof Shock Collars for Dogs (Best Long Distance)

Patpet Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5...
  • Training collar offers a safe way to perform reinforcement training with your pet, helping...
  • Features 3 training modes; Beep alerts your dog, the vibration offers a moderate...

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This shock collar from PATPET is the best long-distance choice. The above-mentioned shock collars had an antenna distance range of about 300-400 yards but this one has 1000 yards (3000 ft).

It includes 3 training modes, beep, vibration, and static mode (from 1-16 levels). With an IPX7 waterproof receiver, you can train your dog in any weather or terrain. Even the remote is IPX5 rainproof, this will help you to train your dog in a proper way.

A long-lasting & rechargeable battery will assist you to continue the training without any interruptions. Even the design of the wireless remote is so easy that you can blindly operate it by focusing on the commands instead of the remote.

Suitable for 10 to 140 lbs dogs and designed for first-time pet owners & professional dog trainers to train their dog.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Blind Operations Button
  • Double Protection Design
  • 3000 FT Rage Control
  • 3 Training Modes

With this shock collar, you can train your Golden Retriever effectively in long-distance. Safe, Humane, effective shock collar by PATPET.

Why Are Shock Collars Used On Golden Retrievers?

golden retriever 1

Shock Collars are used on Golden Retriever’s neck or on other places of the body to achieve a particular behavior by distributing electric stimulation of varying intensity on the neck with a remote-controlled device that operates with the collar.

Pretty understandable right? Well, these Shock collars are also called e-collars, electronic collars, or remote-training collars. They are mostly used for the training purpose to eradicate the unwanted behavior of the dogs to achieve various training effects.

There’s a little bit of interesting story behind the shock collars that how they entered the market with a little bit of backstory, so let’s explore it.

History Of Shock Collars For Dogs

Earlier in the 1960s shock collars were used to train hunting dogs, at present they are used on family dogs to control unwanted (negative) behavior.

How were the shock collars in the past? Well, just a long antenna and a single button.

As of today in the world of technology, shock collars have evolved to a great extent. Back in the 1950s, the shock collars were not that advance as it is in the present, but the evolution took place slowly and gradually.

In the 1960s, Boatman’s 1962-63 catalog headline said, “push the button and you correct dog’s bad habits… up to one mile away.”

These Training devices in back those times used to cost around $250 and comparing the amount to today’s dollars would be $2100 but still, people bought them.

Today’s $10 worth is $85.66 of (1962s) – DollarTimes

Still, people bought the training collar in those times though it was expensive and not that high-tech.

The device that the people in those times bought was not even reliable, the batteries used to fail, not waterproof, antennas use to break. 

At present these shock collars are affordable, hi-tech, reliable and the people who desire them can get them with improved battery performance, waterproof, and for less than $80 or more! 

There’s a lot to know about the history of shock collars but I have covered the major details, to read more you can check this blog article from Quailforever.

How To Use Shock Collars On Golden Retrievers?

After getting a good shock collar for your Golden Retriever, you should start with the basics of traditional training commands so that a faithful relationship between you and your dog is built. Later, show your dog the behaviors you expect and then make the use of shock collars where needed.

If you are totally new to the shock collars then it would not be that effective for you to use them but a trainer or expert uses it on your dog then it will turn out to be more fruitful.

(If you are totally new & don’t know how to handle the shock collar then I recommend a dog trainer for shock collars)

How Does The Shock Collar Functions?

Shock collars use electric current passing through metal contact points on the collar to give your dog an electric signal. This current can be a vibration, mild tickling, or a painful shock. 

I always recommend getting these shock collars in use under a dog trainer or canine expert if you are a totally new to this thing.

There are benefits of using these shock collars and drawbacks too, so let’s get into more in the next section!

Benefits and Drawback of Shock Collars On Your Golden Retriever

There are always 2 sides to a coin. The negative side of a product should not be hidden from the people who are looking forward to buying it. I’ll be neutrally discussing the pros and cons of the shock collars if used on your dog. 

golden retriever in grass

So, let’s get into the benefits first!

The Benefits Of Shock Collars On Golden Retriever

To cut down the unwanted behavior of your Golden Retriever shock collars are used, for instance, excessive barking to food aggression, for training purposes or to stick close while off-leash and etc.

These are a few benefits mentioned below of shock collars on Golden Retriever:

Helps To Train Your Golden Retriever To Not To Bark

When you are at a walk-in social place, a shock collar can be used to let your dog know that it is not appropriate to bark at other dogs with a beep sound or vibration. This can help you to save your dog from getting into a dog fight.

Fixes Behaviour From Long Distance

Most of the traditional training methods only work up close, but with these shock collars even if your dog is at a far distance, you can correct your dog’s behavior.

Affordable Training Device

Earlier in the 90s, it would cost you around $200-$300 to buy an e-collar, shock collar but at present, you can get it for at least $30 and the highest one can cost you around $500. A basic collar would also be effective if used with the right techniques.

With a reasonable investment, you get the problem fixed, hourly based dog training can cost you more than the cost of a shock collar.

Adjustable Intensity

Whichever shock collar you pick from the above list, then you’ll see that they are easily adjustable. This means that you can adjust the level of Intensity.

(Just be careful and never let your dog have the shock collar when you are away. And don’t keep the collar on his neck for more than 12 hours )

Rapid Action, Fast Result

Mostly it depends on your dog that how obstinate he/she is! But most of the dog trainers have reported that the shock collar doesn’t take a long time to start working.

Once your dog is well-trained and is behaving as you desire, the shock collar will no more needed. As the shock collar starts working on them and brings an effective result then you can stop using it.

By any means in the future, if you plan to get a doggy or you might be having a companion dog, you can use the same shock collar later on them. 

golden retriever on a walk

Gives Your Dog A Signal To Not To Pull On Leash

Whenever you are in a park or somewhere on the streets walking with your Golden Retriever, a shock collar with low frequency can be used to let your Golden know that as the rope gets tighten, it is unacceptable behavior.

Also, when your dog is off-leash you can use shock collars which will help you get the commands on your dog easily.

The Drawback Of Shock Collars On Golden Retriever

These are a few drawbacks mentioned below of shock collars on Golden Retriever:

Electric Shock

One of the controversial things, yes I too agree that if the voltage is set high then it is considered inhumane. Our skin and dog’s skin are completely different, we can tolerate at a certain amount but what about the dogs? They feel the pain more intensely, and further this can lead to aggression, fear, stress, and can leave your dog helpless.

Considering all the things that I mentioned above the collar is tested and then manufactured with minimal discomfort. It is just a correction of behavior by a minimal shock.


Yes, this is something that I too have looked into when I chose to write this article. If you are out of the house and your Golden Retriever is expecting overcorrecting in the device, who would stop it? As you are out of the house, the device would be harmful to your dog.

Due to excessive shock or discomfort your dog can get aggressive or distressed.

No Positive Reward

Whenever your dog does an unacceptable behavior you press the beep, vibration, or electric shock button to indicate to your dog that it is an undesired behavior. 

But when the dog performs completely the opposite side then does the shock collar gives a reward? 

Instead you should give your dog positive reinforcement.


What Is The Best Shock Collar For A Golden Retriever Puppy?

Dog Training Shock Collar from DOG CARE is one of the best shock collars for a Golden Retriever puppy. Apart from that you also need to know that your dog should at least 10lbs (age=7 weeks at least) before getting the shock collar on him for the training.

Do Dog Trainers Recommend Shock Collars?

Dog trainers give their best to train your doggy first by Positive reinforcement, if the output is not desired then dog trainers recommend shock collars.

From What Age Can A Golden Retriever Puppy Wear a Dog Shock Collar?

golden retriever pup

Golden Retriever should be at least 7 weeks older (9-10lbs avg.) to wear a dog shock collar.

Are There Any Alternatives For Using Shock Collar On Golden Retrievers?

There are a few other training methods that can be a good alternative for shock collars. Alternatives are Boundary Training, Clicker Training, Pheromones & Scents, Citronella Collars, and more. You can read more about the alternatives on FreshPatch.

For How Many Hours Can I Leave The Shock Collar On My Dog?

You should avoid leaving the shock collar on your dog for more than 12 hours per day.


I hope that you have got the Best Shock Collar for your Golden Retriever from this article. Besides that, I’ve also added a complete guide on Shock Collars from their history to benefits & drawbacks, if you are a new pet owner then it might be one of the helpful guides on Shock Collars.

These shock collars will help you to cut down the unwanted behavior of your Golden Retriever, he/she will be more obedient and excellent in behavior after having it!

The collar should not be always on your Golden’s neck, you can get it on the training sessions, and mostly when you are in need otherwise you should keep it aside.

You might be having some questions left in your mind related to shock collars and a few common questions that might have triggered you are mentioned in the FAQ section other than that if you still have a doubt or query leave it in the comments, I’ll definitely help you!

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