How To Groom Chow Chow? The Essential Guide

Chow Chows have gloriously thick, mane-like double-coated fur coats that shed all year round. As you may have assumed, their voluminous fur coats require frequent and intensive grooming. Their fur coats can be overwhelming, especially for first-time dog owners or owners who only have shorter and denser fur coats. 

Do you want to know the ins and outs of grooming a Chow Chow? You have come to the right place because we created an article that includes everything you need to know about grooming a Chow Chow, from how to do it to how frequently you need to groom them.

How To Groom Chow Chow?

The Chow Chow’s thick fur requires frequent and intensive grooming, and you have to brush your Chow’s fur every day to maintain the shedding at a manageable level and to also prevent mats from forming. They also require frequent baths, teeth brushing, hair trimming, nail clipping, and ear cleaning.

Chow Chow Gooming: The Essential Guide

Hair Clipping

Clipping your dog’s hair can be scary, especially for novice dog owners, but it can be a smooth process if you have the correct equipment and you do your research beforehand. Dogs, like Chow Chows, who have thick and double-coated fur coats, must get trimmed their fur around their feet and face. Not trimming the fur in these areas can affect your Chow Chow livelihood. Your Chow’s vision may be obstructed by the hair on its face, causing them to be clumsy and hurt itself. 

Before using clippers, brush through your Chow Chow’s fur thoroughly, ensuring that you cut the fur evenly and neatly. You must move carefully while clipping your dog’s hair, especially watch for sudden movements. If your dog is tense, try giving them a treat beforehand to relax them. 


Nail clipping can be stressful for you and your Chow Chow, but this process can be simple with patience and careful movements. While clipping your Chow Chow’s nails, you should encourage them and keep them calm. Maintaining well-groomed nails is vital because if you neglect to clip your Chow Chow’s nails, their nails may get caught in something while they run, and they will injure themselves.

Start slowly; clip off a small portion to ensure you do not cut into the quick. Take note of the nail’s texture; you get close to the quick when the texture starts to soften. As you clip your Chow Chow’s nails, you should give them little treats, say encouraging words and rub their heads to keep them calm and ensure they feel safe. 


As far as grooming goes, brushing is the most frequent part of your Chow Chow’s grooming routine. Brushing your Chow Chow’s fur as often as possible, if not every day, is recommended.

However, before brushing, you should spray your Chow Chow’s coat. Ensure that you use a pin brush or a large brush. Brushing not only ensures that your Chow Chow’s shedding remains manageable, but it also prevents mats from forming. You should use a shedding blade to get rid of the loose fur.


Baths are crucial in keeping your Chow Chow smelling fresh and preventing certain skin conditions, such as infections or physical harm from over-scratching. You should generally bathe your Chow Chow between once every month to once every three months.

The frequency of your Chow Chow’s bath is as often as you deem necessary. If your Chow Chow plays outside in the dirt often, they will get dirty quickly, then once every month or so would be ideal.

Avoid over-bathing your dog because you would be stripping its skin of crucial oils and nourishment. Before bathing your dog, brush its fur thoroughly; this will remove any mats and loose hair, thus allowing you to give them an effective bath. I recommend using a nourishing shampoo and lukewarm water. 


Many dog owners neglect their canine’s oral hygiene, resulting in various oral conditions. Dental problems and gum disease are common in dogs. If you neglect to brush your Chow Chow’s teeth regularly with toothpaste, they will develop build-up in their mouths, which will cause gum disease. You should aim to brush your dog’s teeth every day. However, that can be unrealistic for some dog owners, so a few times a week can work too.

Eyes / Ears

You should regularly inspect and clean the areas around your dog’s eyes and ears. The eyes and ears are sensitive but crucial organs that require regular cleaning to prevent the development of infections. Dogs with thick fur coats, like Chow Chows, must have their ears checked and cleaned weekly because they are susceptible to ear infections. Ear infections in dogs are much more severe than in humans and could lead to more significant health issues. 

When cleaning your Chow Chow’s ears, use a bottom ball which you have placed some mineral oil over. You should avoid using Q-Tips because they can cause damage to your dog’s inner ear. If you need more confidence in cleaning your dog’s ear, you can take them to a professional and ask them for a quick tutorial.

How Do You Give A Chow Chow A Bath?

The first step to bathing your Chow Chow is brushing their fur coat thoroughly. Ensure that their fur coats are free of mats and tangles. Matts and tangles generally worsen if left in place while you bathe your Chow Chow. 

Once the mats have been dealt with, you should place your Chow in a tub and wet their fur with lukewarm water. Once the fur is completely wet, you can start adding shampoo. When choosing the correct shampoo for your Chow Chow, the ideal shampoo would be moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating. Such shampoos will ensure that your Chow’s fur coat does not dry out, and they will also give your Chow’s fur a healthy shine. 

When you have scrubbed your dog’s fur with the shampoo, rinse it and add some conditioner to nourish your fur coat further. Rinse the conditioner, dry your dog, and use fur spray.

How Often Should Chow Chow Shower?

Your Chow Chow should shower between every month to every three months. The frequency of their showers depends on your Chow Chow’s activities. Therefore, if your Chow Chow plays outside in the mud, then they would require more frequent showers.

If your Chow Chow hardly plays around in the dirt outdoors, you can extend the time between their showers. However, baths can lead to your Chow Chow’s fur being dry, so you should only bathe them occasionally but rather do so as often as necessary.

Do Chows Need Haircuts?

Yes, Chow Chows need haircuts. However, you only need to trim the hair in some areas. You do not have to trim the fur along your Chow Chow’s body; this fur helps your Chow Chow manage the different weather conditions. The thick fur helps your Chow Chow remain warm during winter, and it helps them cool off during summer. If you shave off their fur coats, they may be exposed to heat strokes, burns, and pneumonia.

To help them remain comfortable, you should only trim the fur around your Chow Chow’s ears, face, and paws.

chow chows

How Do You Clean Chow Chow Eyes?

You should examine your Chow Chow’s eyes for dirt. Be careful when examining so that you do not hurt your dog. You can use a cotton ball dipped into clean lukewarm water to remove the mucus or dirt resting around your Chow Chow’s eyes.

How Do You Clean Chow Chows Ears?

Examine your dog’s ears; if you conclude that your dog’s ears are dirty, you can use some ear cleaning solution. Once you place the solution in your dog’s ear, you should wait a while for it to take effect, then use a cotton ball to remove the dirt from your dog’s ear.


Should I Use Conditioner For A Chow Chow?

Yes, you should use conditioner for a Chow Chow. They have thick fur coats that dry if not supplied with the correct nourishment, and dry fur coats lead to even more shedding. You should use some spray-on conditioner while grooming your Chow Chow’s fur coat to keep it well nourished and maintain its beauty.

Are Chow Chow Dogs High Maintenance?

Yes, Chow Chows are high maintenance. As dogs that are constantly shedding, they require frequent and intensive grooming. You should brush your Chow Chows hair daily and incorporate a shedding tool to minimize the amount of shedding around your home. Their fur coats also require frequent nourishment and trimming in certain areas.


Grooming a Chow Chow can seem stressful, but it does not have to be. If you remain calm and take time, you will not hurt your Chow Chow. You should also ensure that your Chow Chow is calm and feels safe throughout the process.

You can achieve this by taking them for a stroll beforehand and giving them treats. Remember that the grooming process is an ideal opportunity to bond with your Chow Chow and build trust for each other.

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