Why Do Golden Retrievers Eat Everything? Reasons & Solutions

Has your Golden Retriever been munching on everything? Are you worried that something might be wrong with your Golden Retriever?

Fortunately, there are several non-serious reasons why your Golden Retriever is eating everything. However, some concerning reasons will require your intervention. 

Stick around as I discuss why your Golden Retriever is eating everything and the different methods you can try to stop the behavior.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Eat Everything?

There are several reasons why your Golden Retriever is eating everything. Some common reasons include stress, illnesses, boredom, and not getting adequate nutrients or food. Another reason includes their curious nature, which urges your Golden Retriever to taste different things and satisfy their curiosity. 

9 Reasons Why Do Golden Retrievers Eat Everything

Reasons Why Do Golden Retrievers Eat Everything


Stress can cause a Golden Retriever to start chewing on anything they can get its jaws on. Some Golden Retrievers have been known to start overeating or just eating the most random things they can find when they are under stress.

This stress can be caused by a variety of things, such as when guests are over. Many people do not realize that sometimes when constant guests come to visit, it can put dogs under a lot of stress which may cause them to eat almost everything around them.

Separation Anxiety

Your Golden Retriever may also start eating everything because of separation anxiety which may arise when they are left alone for extended periods. Golden Retrievers are social animals and love feeling a part of the family, so they are susceptible to loneliness. It is advisable to train your Golden buddy not to feel anxious when you are not thereby:

Making as if you are about to leave by walking to the door or picking up your keys; if they do not give you an adverse reaction, you give them a treat. If you repeat this often, they will finally learn.


Pica is when your Golden Retriever repeatedly ingests non-edible things. These objects are not accidentally ingested; instead, an obsessive urge makes your Golden Retriever want to chew on things such as sticks, sand, rocks, and other objects that cannot be digested. Contact a veterinarian if you notice or suspect your Golden Retriever exhibiting this compulsive behavior.

They Are Ill

When your Golden Retriever falls ill, it may cause them to start putting everything in its mouth. You should be aware and try to notice any changes which may indicate that they are sick or not feeling well because, unlike humans, your Golden Retriever will not tell you when they are feeling sick. 

Some sicknesses you will not see, however others like diarrhea or vomiting you can. Whatever the case, if you suspect that your Golden Retriever is ill, then you should take them to the veterinary.


Sometimes there may not be anything wrong with your Golden Retriever, and it may just be a case of them being accustomed to eating everything. It is not unusual for Golden Retrievers to eat odd things, primarily if they got used to being fed human food. Do not be surprised if it becomes curious enough to want to try and taste new things.


Boredom can make your Golden Retriever naughty enough to start eating everything. Golden Retrievers are an active breed bred for hunting, which means that they require and like a lot of physical activity. 

When they are not regularly exposed or allowed to exercise, boredom may start to build and cause them to behave strangely by eating non-edible or ingestible things. So, make sure to take them out as often as you can so that they can run around and interact with other dogs.

Not Getting Enough Nutrients

When a Golden Retriever doesn’t get enough nutrients from the food they have been fed, they may start to exhibit strange behaviors like looking for whatever they can find around them to eat. 

It is essential to get them the correct amount of nutrients depending on their age. Active Golden Retriever need between 1,353-1,740 calories a day, and sedentary Goldens should have a calorie intake of 989-1,272 calories a day. You can read more about the “Caloric Needs” on PetCareRX.

Not Being Fed Enough

Another reason why your Golden retriever may be consuming everything is because they are not fed enough, and they may still feel hungry after they eat. 

Golden Retriever Having Food

If you do not know how much food to give them, it would be best to consult your nearest veterinary to provide you with a diet plan that will best suit your Golden Retriever.

You can even have a glance at this post, where I’ve created a table on how much to feed a Golden Retriever.

Grass Gazing

Grass grazing is when your Golden Retriever starts eating grass. The first reason for these behaviors could be that their diet lacks vitamins, and the grass they are consuming is giving them those vitamins. 

The second reason could be that they just like the taste of the grass as it is not uncommon for dogs to eat grass. It is advisable to train them against this because you never know if poisonous pesticides are used on the grass.

Solutions To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Eating Everything

golden retriever chewing stick

Give Them Proper Diet

Always ensure that your Golden Retriever has sufficient nutrients in the foods that you feed them. Some foods (especially human food) don’t provide them with all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients they need to grow and function well, which may cause them to act strange. 

Visit your nearest veterinary, and they will give you a list of all the foods you can and cannot feed your Golden buddy. Aside from diet, also ensure that your Golden friend is being provided adequately.

Give Them Distractions

Another way to prevent your Golden Retriever from eating everything is to give them distractions. Distractions can be anything from bones, puzzles, and toys which grabs their attention.

They should chew on something that you bought than on random things they find as they are walking. Therefore ensure that you have objects for them to chew.

Take Them To Your Vet

When your Golden Retriever shows signs of illness or the compulsive behavior of eating, everything is aggravated. You cannot see any reason or cause for it. The best thing to do is take them to the nearest veterinarian.

In doing so, you will be able to get advice from experts. They will tell you precisely what is wrong and give you the steps you need to take to help your Golden friend prevent them from eating everything.

Give Them Exercise

Golden Retrievers were bred for hunting, so it is no surprise that they need a lot of regular exercises. Just an hour of exercise per day is enough for them and benefits them in many more ways than one; for example, it keeps them active and curbs boredom. When they are active or busy, they are less likely to exhibit such strange behaviors.

Supervise Your Golden Retriever

Depending on how old your Golden Retriever is, supervision is vital when preventing them from going around and eating everything. When your Golden Retriever is a puppy, you need to watch them and stop them when they pick up weird objects and attempt to eat them. Adults need less supervision; however, they too need to be monitored and controlled.

Correct Your Golden Retriever’s Wrong behavior

Golden Retrievers are intelligent breeds with a good temperament and are easy to train. You must start training them as soon as they come into your home or eight weeks old and assert yourself as the Alpha. 

This training will teach them good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, so it is recommended that you start teaching them basic commands no longer than 5 minutes a day. You can even take help from one of these top 5 Golden Retriever Training Books.

Use Correction Commands

Correction Commands are more effective than punishments when trying to change your Golden Retriever’s bad behavior. Instead of yelling or being angry, you should instead try to correct and redirect them to more desirable behavior. 

An example of this is when your dog misbehaves by chewing on something they are not supposed to, and you, instead of shouting must in a firm voice, say “NO” and give them their chew toy to chew on and give praise when they start to do so.


Do Golden Retrievers Grow Out Of Eating Everything?

Golden Retriever puppies are curious. Their curiosity urges them to eat everything and satisfy their curiosity. However, when your Golden Retriever grows up, they would have already experienced different eating things and conclude what they enjoy and do not enjoy eating.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Eat So Much Grass?

The most obvious reason your Golden Retriever eats grass is that they are bored, ill, or anxious. However, it is believed that Golden Retrievers eat grass because they seek some fiber. The grass is an excellent source of fiber, and it is easily accessible for your Golden Retriever.

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Eating Everything On Walks?

To stop your Golden Retriever from eating everything on walks, you should ensure that your Golden Retriever eats and is full at least an hour before their walk. Another solution is to distract them while walking; you can do this by bringing their favorite toy and playing with them or bringing their favorite treats and rewarding them now and then.


It can be pretty frustrating when your Golden Retriever eats everything because they can quickly become ill due to eating something that may not agree with their stomachs.

Remember that when your Golden Retriever starts eating everything, you should first identify the root of this behavior so that you can implement appropriate corrective actions.

If all else fails or you cannot identify why your Golden Retriever is eating everything, you should book an appointment with your veterinarian.

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