Are Chow Chows Barkers? (How To Stop)

If you are someone who does not appreciate loud noises or lives in an apartment and would like to be considerate of their neighbors, there may be better options than a dog who barks a lot.

As a Chow Chow lover, you would want to know whether Chow Chows are barkers. Look no further because we have researched and compiled an article answering all your questions about Chow Chow’s barking habit.

Are Chow Chows Barkers? 

Yes, Chow Chows are barkers. Chow Chows are naturally protective and vocal dogs. If they sense that they are in danger or their owners are in danger, they will vocalize this by barking. This barking tendency is a trait that can be avoided with training.

Do Chow Chows Bark A Lot?

They only bark a lot if they are not trained properly. Chow Chows are stubborn and independent dogs, making it challenging to train them. If trained properly, they will develop good habits, such as excessive barking, and carry those habits into adulthood.

Why Do Chow Chows Bark?

Chow Chow bark when they smell someone they do not recognize or sense danger approaching them or their owners.

Why Do Chow Chows Bark

They Smell A Person They Don’t Recognize 

Chow Chows are generally not the friendliest dog breed out there, and they tend to form tight bonds with their families and be aloof toward other people. When Chow Chows smell someone they do not recognize, they will start barking to alert their owners of a stranger’s presence. 

They Sense Danger

Chows are an ancient breed originally used as guard dogs and have retained that protective nature over the years. If your Chow Chow senses that they may be in danger or their family may be in trouble, they will vocalize it by barking. 

How Do I Stop My Chow Chow From Barking?

If you want to stop your Chow Chow from barking, your first order of business is understanding why they are barking. Despite how random your dog’s barking may seem, something is always causing it. 

Chow Chows do not bark at every stranger or not as much at some as they do at other strangers. Your Chow Chow may need to be more friendly to some visitors while warming up to others in no time. This is no coincidence because, like many dogs, Chow Chows can judge someone’s character quite well. However, if you have complete faith in the person to whom your Chow is unfriendly, you can train them to warm up to that person and start trusting them too.

You should also understand that while there are several negative reasons why your Chow Chow is barking, there are also positive reasons. Many dogs bark when they are happy or excited; it is a response that is as natural as when we laugh. Hence, it is unrealistic to stop your Chow Chow from barking entirely.

chow chows

If you currently have a Chow Chow puppy, rejoice because you are in luck because it is much easier to train a puppy than it is to train an older dog that has already formed bad habits. The best way to teach your pup not to bark excessively is to deal with some situations more constructively, and this will ensure that they will react to those situations differently as they grow older.

Your Chow Chow may be barking to get your attention, but you should avoid amusing them. Rather ignore them, so they understand that barking at you will not get them the desired result. Chow Chows are intelligent dogs who can adapt accordingly; once they realize that barking is not getting them anywhere, they will stop doing it.

When your Chow Chow barks at people passing by your home, you could distract them by getting their attention. You should try to catch them just as they’re about to bark at them and reward them for not barking. Your Chow could also be barking out of boredom, so you should ensure that they get the correct amount of physical exercises such as walks, swims, or even play dates at the park.

Are Chow Chows Quiet Dogs?

No, Chow Chows are not quiet dogs. Chow Chows are known for being loud and vocal dogs. However, they can be quiet if they are trained accordingly. Chow Chows are protective dogs who bark when they sense danger or smell a stranger; therefore, if you expose your Chow Chow to early socialization, your Chow Chow will grow more tolerant of strangers. 

Are Chow Chows Good House Dogs?

Chow Chows make good house dogs, especially if you would like a protective and alert dog, then the Chow Chow is the ideal breed for you. As a result of their time spent as guard dogs, Chow Chows are very aware of potential dangers. Chows can also be affectionate and make the ideal cuddle buddy if trained accordingly.

Are Chow Chows Dramatic?

The Chow Chow’s appearance has been described as dramatic. Their mane-like fur makes them stand out from a mile away. However, Chow Chows can have calm temperaments if they are trained with a firm hand. Only ill-trained Chow Chows tend to be aggressive and unpredictable.


Are Chow Chows Good At Being Left Alone?

Yes, Chow Chows are good at being left alone. The Chow Chow’s independent nature leads to them being able to spend time alone and keep themselves busy. However, suppose your Chow Chow is not accustomed to being left alone. In that case, it may be an issue, and you’d have to ease them into being alone by gradually increasing their time, or else they will retaliate.

What Breed Of Dog Rarely Barks?

The Bernese Mountain dog is a quiet breed that barely barks. These dogs are known for their calm and friendly temperament. Other dog breeds rarely bark include French Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Basset Hounds, and Irish Setters. 


Chow Chows are generally vocal dogs that can bark for various reasons, some being innocent while others are negative. The key to stopping your Chow Chow from barking is understanding why they are barking.

They bark because they sense danger, smell a stranger, or simply because they are bored or want attention. When you notice that your Chow Chow has a bad barking habit, you should start training them to stop doing so as soon as possible.

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