Why Does My Chow Chow Grunt? (Explained)

Have you noticed that your Chow Chow has been grunting lately? As a dog owner, you may need to worry when your dog starts grunting more than usual, especially when your dog has never been one to grunt all too often. However, there are various possible reasons why your Chow Chow is grunting.

If you have been wondering why your Chow Chow has been grunting, look no further because we have compiled reasons why your Chow Chow may be grunting and ways to help you calm them down if they are in distress. 

Why Does My Chow Chow Grunt? 

Your Chow Chow’s grunting is a result of their inherent breathing problems. The Chow Chow’s facial shape, which includes a narrow nasal canal and long soft palates, causes them to grunt significantly more than other dog breeds. 

The Root Of The Grunting Behavior

Dogs often grunt to express that they are feeling content. Hence, this grunting behavior is usually witnessed when dogs eat because they enjoy their food. It can also be witnessed when you are relaxing with your dog or when they are relaxed and resting. Just like we let out little sounds while sleeping, it is the same for dogs.

The Root Of The Grunting Behavior

On the other hand, some dogs grunt due to the shape of their faces. This is the case with brachycephalic dog breeds. The Chow Chow forms part of this group of dogs. This group of dogs has narrow nasal passages and longer soft palates; hence, they grunt significantly more than other breeds. The shape of their faces makes them susceptible to several breathing conditions.

Other Solutions And Considerations

What happens when you have consulted your veterinarian and have been told that your dog’s grunting results from some health issue? At this point, you should consider the circumstances under which your dog grunts. If you lift your dog and place your hand on its chest, you may force them to expel the air in its lungs, thus causing them to grunt.

You should also consider changing the meal portions that you give your dog. If you provide your dog with infrequent large meals, that may add to their grunting. You can try changing their eating schedule to smaller but more frequent meals.

Why Does My Chow Chow Grunt Like A Pig?

Your Chow Chow could be reverse sneezing. This is a common and completely natural occurrence in dogs, and Chows often reverse sneeze when they experience some nasal irritation or are excited. Reverse sneezing occurs when your Chow continuously and quickly inhales air and grunts like a pig. 

Another reason why your Chow Chow is grunting is that they are in pain. If your Chow has developed arthritis, they will often grunt when they stand up, sit down, or perform a movement that puts some strain on their joints. Other conditions, such as pancreatitis, can cause your dog to grunt from the pain. If your Chow Chow is in pain or affected by a health condition, they would often display other symptoms you should watch out for.

How Do You Make A Chow Chow Happy?

Early socialization is the key to making Chow Chows happy. The Chow breed is naturally antisocial. However, you can teach them to be social and interact peacefully with other people and pets. This can be achieved by introducing them to other people and pets from a young age so they may learn from those encounters.

When meeting new people, you should do so in a neutral environment. Chow Chows are possessive over their homes and may have their guard up if strangers step into their homes, so starting with a neutral territory would be more beneficial.

Are Chow Chows Vocal?

Yes, Chow Chows are vocal dogs, and Chows tend to be mouthy, bark frequently and have loud and intimidating barks. The frequency of your Chow Chow’s barking depends on your specific dog; however, in general, Chows are vocal dogs who bark aggressively at anyone or anything they consider suspicious.

How Do You Calm A Chow Chow?

Sometimes your dog needs some fresh air. Take your Chow Chow out into the yard, play with them for a while, and ensure they do not feel alone. Some exercise is known to calm Chows. After all, they might feel anxious because they have too much pent-up energy.

Some time out could help calm your Chow. Chows are not the most social dogs and tend to appreciate some alone time; therefore, allow your Chow to spend some time alone and see if that calms them down. Do not overwhelm them by being all over them in such situations.


Why Does My Dog Always Make Grunting Noises?

Your dog is expressing their contentment. If you are cuddling with your dog, it may grunt because it is relaxed. Your dog could also grunt because it is in pain. You should watch out for any other symptoms or take them to a veterinarian if you suspect they are in pain.


Chows grunt due to a multitude of reasons. The main reason why they grunt is because of the shape of their faces. The shape of the Chow Chow breed’s face makes them susceptible to various breathing complications. Other reasons why your Chow could be grunting is because they are affected by a health condition and are in pain, you are feeding them infrequent large meals, or it is something as simple as expressing their contentment.

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