Can Golden Retrievers Live In Florida? Tips For Golden Retrievers In Hot Weather

Are you looking to relocate to Florida, but you are unsure whether your Golden Retriever will be able to live in Florida?

Relocating can be quite stressful on its merit, but as a dog owner, you have the added pressure of ensuring that the place that you relocate to is liveable for your dog. Stick with me as I discuss everything that you should know before deciding whether your Golden Retriever will be able to live in Florida or not.

Can Golden Retrievers Live In Florida?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can live in Florida. Golden Retrievers can withstand any type of climate. However, there are exceptions; if your Golden Retriever has a long and thick fur coat, then they would have a more challenging time adapting to the hot climate in Florida. Their thick coats make them susceptible to overheat. However, if your Golden Retriever has a shorter fur coat, they would handle the hot temperatures a lot better. 

Can A Golden Retriever Adopt The Hot Weather In Florida?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can adapt to the hot weather in Florida. However, since Florida is the hottest state in the USA, this adaptation will be challenging. It will need to be accompanied by a few lifestyle changes, such as ensuring that they drink more water, introducing them to swimming, and altering their playing time to ensure that they swim when it is cooler.

Tips For Your Golden Retriever Living In Florida

Tips For Your Golden Retriever Living In Florida

Carry A Water Bottle While Travelling

When dealing with heat, hydration is your best friend. Your Golden Retriever needs to remain hydrated at all times, including while you are taking them for walks or when you are traveling. You should carry a bottle filled with fresh water for your dog and try to keep it cool. 

Golden Retrievers are susceptible to dehydration, and their vulnerability is heightened in Florida. Carrying a water bottle and giving your dog some water now and then can truly make the difference and spare your Golden Retriever the discomfort that comes with being dehydrated.

Don’t Leave Your Golden Retriever Alone In A Car

During the summer season, the average temperature in Florida is about 92ºF. The temperature within a parked car in Florida can reach 140ºF within an hour on a hot day. These temperatures are hazardous for your Golden Retriever, especially since they are naturally prone to overheating.

Even if you leave your dog in the car with the windows open, that is still not enough to keep your Golden Retriever safe. The open windows change the temperature only by a small margin, which still leaves your Golden Retriever in grave danger.

If you have to go somewhere and dogs are not allowed where you are going, it would be safer for you to simply leave your dog at home instead of subjecting them to the unbearably hot car temperatures.

Choose Walk Timings Precisely

If you did not previously live in Florida and recently relocated, you should remember that the harsh temperature will not be merciful to your Golden Retriever. The temperature is hottest at about noon; hence you should avoid walking your Golden Retriever at this time.

I would suggest taking your Golden when the sun has gone down a bit. Late afternoon and early morning walks would be much better for your Golden Retriever.

Don’t Shave Your Golden Retriever’s Coat Right Down To The Skin

There has been a misconception that the shorter you cut your Golden Retriever’s fur coat, the cooler they will be during the summer times. A summer cut can help keep your Golden Retriever cooler; however, it is not as effective as many people think. You should not shave your Golden Retriever’s fur coat. 

Your Golden Retriever’s bare skin is quite sensitive because it is always protected by their fur. However, if you shave your Golden Retriever’s fur and leave them with their bare skin, their skin will have no protection against the sun. Your Golden Retriever’s skin will be exposed to sunburn and skin cancer

Use A Cooling Pad

Surfaces tend to get quite hot as well in Florida. This applies to regular dog beds too. Have you ever taken a nap in Summer and woken up drenched in sweat? This concept applies to dogs, too and Golden Retrievers have thick fur that makes them extra hot.

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I would suggest getting your Golden Retriever a cooling pad on which your Golden Retriever can lay on and rest during the day. These pads keep your Golden Retriever cool and allow them to rest comfortably despite the hot weather.

Take Your Golden For Swimming

Golden Retrievers are naturally exceptional swimmers, and most of them love being in the water. You should take your Golden Retriever to swim whenever you can. Swimming is a fantastic way to allow your Golden Retriever to get their daily exercise in Florida without overheating, get some playtime and spend some quality time with your Golden and the family.

These are the top 3 dog-friendly beaches in Florida:

  • Fort de Soto Park Paw Playground
  • Bonita Beach Dog Park
  • Dog Beach at Pier Park, Panama City

For more details, you can look at this article which mentions 13 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Florida.

golden retriever swimming pool

If you cannot take your Golden Retriever to a pool that allows pets, there are several mini pools that you could get for your Golden Retriever. In these pools, they can soak for as long as they want, and you will not have to take a long trip for your Golden Retriever to be able to swim.

Make Playtime In The Morning Or The Evening

Since Golden Retrievers are naturally more active than other breeds and quite playful, it would be difficult to get away with not allowing your Golden Retriever to play in the summertime because it is too hot.

golden retriever on a walk

An effective way to deal with your predicament is to allow your Golden Retriever to play when it is cool outside, early in the morning or later in the evening. 

Hot Outside? Give Them A Cool Shade

When it is too hot outside, you should take your dog inside and allow them to cool off and get out of the sun. However, keeping your Golden Retriever inside for too long can make them feel confined.

You should give your Golden Retriever a spot to relax outside without being in direct contact with the sun. I would suggest getting your Golden Retriever a little dog house, and if you can, you should position the dog house under a tree to have some extra shade and avoid overheating in the dog house.

Use Dog Boots To Protect Your Golden’s Paws

After the sun goes down, the ground will still retain some heat. At times the ground may be too hot for your Golden Retriever to walk on. An effective way to test whether the ground is too hot for your Golden Retriever is by removing your shoes and stepping onto the ground with your bare feet.

If you can comfortably walk on the ground, it is safe for your Golden Retriever to walk onto it. However, if it is too hot and you have to take your Golden Retriever out on a walk, you should get your Golden Retriever some Dog Boots. 

Dog Boots protect your Golden Retriever’s paws from being harmed by the hot surface. With Dog Boots, your Golden Retriever will be comfortable and can enjoy their walk even more.

Use Flea & Tick Medication

The hot weather is ideal for housing fleas and mites. Fleas and mites thrive and multiply at an incredible speed in the summer. The Florida hot weather is already quite uncomfortable for your Golden Retriever, so being infested by fleas and ticks would make things that much worse for them. Hence, you should use some flea and tick medication to protect your Golden Retriever. 


How Can I Tell If My Golden Retriever Is Experiencing Heatstroke?

If you suspect that your Golden Retriever is experiencing heatstroke, you can identify this by watching out for the common symptoms of heatstroke. The common symptoms of heatstroke include vomiting, loss of consciousness, excessive panting, and excessive drooling

How Do I Treat My Golden Retriever When They Are Experiencing Heat Stroke?

When your Golden Retriever is experiencing heatstroke, you first need to move them to a shaded and cool area. After that, you would have to gently pour some cool water over them until their breathing stabilizes. You should also ensure that they are not dehydrated by giving them some cool water to drink.


Golden Retrievers are pretty sensitive to the heat; however, with much effort, your Golden Retriever will be able to adjust to the harsh heat in Florida. You simply need to remember that you must limit your Golden Retriever’s time in direct contact with the sun. You need to ensure that your Golden Retriever is always hydrated too. 

The lifestyle changes that come with living in Florida with a Golden Retriever are pretty challenging to adapt to at first; however, after some time, these things will become second nature, and your Golden Retriever will be perfectly happy and healthy in Florida.


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