Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool? Should You Worry? Causes And Their Solutions

Do you want to know that why do Golden Retrievers drool? Does your Golden Retriever drools, and are you quite insecure about it? Well, drool is normal, and it helps your Golden Retriever to eat and digest food smoothly. But then it’s like a waterfall from your Golden’s mouth, it’s too much drool or hypersalivation, and this can be a sign of illness.

golden retriever with tongue out in grass

My Golden (Max) drools mostly when he is hungry and when he is very excited during walks. However, this is normal, and it can be easily recognized, you are the one who knows your Golden better than anyone, and for you, it is relatively easy to distinguish that the drool in your Golden is normal or unusual.

Dealing with drool is part of life as a dog owner. However, there may be times when your Golden Retriever appears more slobbery than usual, in which case you want to know why. 

Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool?

Golden Retrievers are not known for excessive drooling. It is natural for them to produce more saliva when anticipating food at dinner time or when offered a treat. Golden Retrievers may drool more than usual for several reasons: excitement, anxiety, suffering heatstroke, or an underlying issue such as illness, stomach, dental or mouth problems. 

If your Golden Retriever is an excessive drooler, or there are various symptoms towards drooling, then it’s time to seek the vet’s advice.

In Golden Retriever’s, it’s normal; they don’t drool too much like Saint Bernard and Bulldogs, however excessive drooling can result from an issue in your Golden Retriever.

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Causes Of Golden Retriever Drooling?

Below I’ve listed possible reasons that can cause drooling in your Golden Retriever. If your Golden is drooling, then the causes lie in the following reasons, so go through these reasons, and we’ll talk about the solutions in the very next section. Read these issues, and if your dog has any one of them, get your Golden Retriever checked by the veterinarian.


Anticipating food stimulates saliva production in dogs. It’s similar to how your mouth waters when you think of enjoying a tasty meal. 

Saliva aids digestion and lubricates the throat so that the food goes down smoothly. If you have ever witnessed your Golden Retriever wolf down its kibble, you will understand why this is important.

But it means extra drool at mealtimes.

To protect your carpet and furniture, you can feed your dog in an easy to clean designated area. You can also keep your Golden Retriever’s food well-hidden and only bring it out at mealtimes so that it doesn’t start to salivate too soon.

If your dog is drooling a lot while hungry, they may have associated certain events, routines, and times with mealtimes. 

This can be more than a nuisance than anything else. You can vary your routine so that they don’t always know when to expect the food. Or you can distract them with a toy. 


dog food in bowl

Drooling can also be a problem if you have your dinner and your dog expects to receive some too.

You can inadvertently encourage this if you or your family members offer tidbits at the table or even if your Golden is allowed to hoover up stray morsels dropped by children or messy eaters.

Then it associates your mealtime with food, thereby triggering the drool response.

You can train your dog not to beg at the table, but as Goldens are such food motivated, it may be challenging if this habit is engrained.

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If you find the drolling unhygienic or off-putting, it may be best to put your Golden Retriever in another room while you are eating.


If a dog is anxious, drooling is the canine equivalent to sweaty palms or underarms in humans.

Golden Retrievers are very social and friendly and can feel lonely if left for long periods. This loneliness may cause anxiety, which leads to the drooling problem. 

Anxiety can be dealt with by training and a little patience. 

Dental Problems

Tooth and gum problems will cause your dog to drool more. 

Things to look for are cracked broken teeth, foreign objects like splinters of bone trapped between teeth or sore, inflamed, or bleeding gums. 

Watch for any brown or rotten teeth and check for yellow or brown deposits on the enamel as a buildup of tartar can rub against the cheek and cause discomfort.

To keep your Golden Retriever’s mouth in top condition, you can brush its teeth regularly or provide special dental chews. 

Here, in this post I’ve discussed in detail about the mouth/oral problems in Golden Retrievers, if you are interested, you can have a look at it – Why Some Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue? (Go directly to the fourth section to know more about the oral/mouth problems)


Dogs infected with rabies will drool more and display the classic ‘foaming at the mouth.’ 

Your Golden Retriever needs its annual vaccination against rabies. If it is out of date, it could be at risk from this fatal disease if it comes into contact with wild animals. 

Raccoons, foxes, skunks, and bats all carry the deadly virus, which is transferred via the saliva if bitten by an affected animal. 

There will be other signs to look out for, such as irritability in an ordinarily placid animal, aggression, and confusion. 


Dogs pant to keep cool. They release the hot air from their lungs as they breathe out, and when they breathe in, the air moves over the wet tongue and cools before entering their body. This cycle of releasing hot air and taking in cool air regulates their temperature.

The extra saliva is part of this process, so if your dog has been out and about in warm weather and is drooling excessively, it could be overheated or even have heatstroke


Your dog may start to drool more if it has ingested or licked something poisonous. Golden Retrievers are curious and tend to be greedy, which means they might accidentally ‘investigate’ something harmful. 

Berries, plants, chemicals, and, of course, many human foods such as chocolate and raisins can be poisonous to dogs. 


Drooling can be a sign of a variety of illnesses. Check for other signs like lethargy, rashes, spots, or signs of pain. If your dog is drooling more than normal and generally seems off-color, you’re better getting it checked out by a vet. 

Organ Problems

Liver and kidney problems can cause increased salivation, which means more drool. Other signs will be weakness and uncoordinated movements. 

Digestive System Issues

Tummy troubles like eating the wrong thing or too much of the right thing can cause increased drooling. 


Bloat is a serious issue when gas gets trapped in the stomach and can’t get released, and your Golden Retriever will start to drool more.  

If your dog’s tummy seems bloated, take them to the vet straight away. 

Stuck Objects

Did I mention that Golden Retrievers are curious and greedy? This can be a bad combination when your Golden wonders what that shoe tastes like and decides to find out. 

Objects can get stuck in their teeth, throat, or tummy and cause problems, and increased drooling can indicate this. 

Nerve Damage

Damaged nerves through injury, tumors, or illness can mean your dog can’t close its mouth properly and lead to excess drooling. 

Motion Sickness

Car journeys can make your dog feel nauseous. This leads to excess drooling, and they may even vomit. You can buy remedies for motion sickness over the counter in your local pet store or from your veterinarian.

Some dogs get anxious about car journeys, which can be helped by training and desensitizing car travel. 


golden retriever running

Like anxiety, excitement releases stress hormones, so the effects are similar, and your dog will salivate more. 

You should know by now what makes your Golden Retriever excited. And although it’s nice when your Golden is happy to see you, if it’s getting wound up and drooling more, then it’s probably better for everyone that your dog learns to remain calm. 

Training them with positive reinforcement when they display the behavior you want will go a long way to stopping the drool.

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A dog will drool when having a seizure, but hopefully, that will be the least of your concern, and you will deal responsively to the matter at hand.


Tumors, cysts, warts, and other physical ailments can cause obstructions in your Golden Retrievers’ mouth, and throat and this will cause them to drool more than usual.

Now, let’s get to the solutions to prevent your Golden from drooling.

8 Solutions To Prevent Your Golden Retriever From Excess Drooling

Now once you know the actual cause behind your Golden Retriever’s drooling, you can act upon it. If you cannot figure out that, “Why is my Golden Retriever drooling,” and it’s totally strange/unfamiliar to you, then I would recommend you to go to your vet for further help.

However, the solutions stated below can help your Golden to drool a little less than before.

Help Your Golden Retriever Stay Cool

If a dog is exposed to too much heat, its body can’t keep up, and this can be fatal. 

Your Golden Retriever is double-coated, so it tends to heat up quicker than dogs with thinner coats. Keep them groomed so that stray hairs aren’t trapping the heat in. 

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golden retriever 1

Keep your retriever inside on hot summer days and put the air conditioner on. 

Only walk it in the cool of the morning or evening. Make sure your Golden has access to plenty of shade and fresh, clean drinking water. 

Never leave your Golden Retriever unattended in a car on a hot day. They can overheat and die in minutes. 

You could give your Golden Retriever some ice cubes to crunch or lick. This will provide relief from the heat, a drink, and interest for the jaws. Just make sure their teeth are in tip-top shape first. 

Reduce Its Anxiety

A good routine, regular exercise, and mental stimulation keep your dog healthy and happy. It’s best to get your dog used to new situations and well socialized as a pup, but if you miss that window of opportunity, you can put the effort in now to get them sensitized to stressful events and stimuli. 

If you have to leave your Golden for any length of time, ensure that they are comfortable with this. Start by leaving them for short periods and gradually build up so that they don’t develop separation anxiety.

You can also ensure it gets a long walk before you have to leave it for any length of time to tire it out so that it will happily sleep

Take Your Golden Retriever To A Veterinarian

Regular check-ups at the vet will give you peace of mind and keep your Golden Retriever healthy so that any underlying issues are caught early and don’t build up. Your vet can also answer any questions you may have and resolve any fears. 

Detect The Main Problem, Solve It

You know your Golden Retriever better than anyone. It’s up to you to identify the issue. You know how much drool is normal and can tell if it has changed in volume, consistency, or color. 

If it contains blood or is foul-smelling, take your dog to the vet immediately. 

Follow this advice, and you will spot any issues long before they turn into big problems.

Try A Bandana Or Bib Around Your Golden Retriever’s Neck

If the drool bothers you, tie a terry cotton dribble bib or absorbent bandana around its neck. You can get some funky ones that will also make your Golden Retriever look cool while it drools. 

Having a rag or cloth for the job can also come in handy for wiping your Golden’s mouth after eating, drinking, or whenever you feel it needs a little mop-up. 

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Or you can also try some clothing for your Golden Retriever – 10 Best Clothing For Golden Retrievers.

A Snack Can Help Your Golden Retriever

If your Golden Retriever is hungry and it’s just not dinner time, you can plan to give them a small snack to keep them going. This might stave off hunger until later and stem the flow of drool.

Don’t Give Them Any Toxic Things

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that any tempting dangers such as food are stored out of reach. 

Put away any toxic things like laundry liquid in locked cupboards. You can get child locks that can easily be fitted to kitchen cabinets. 

Avoid toxic houseplants. There are many varieties of accessories you can get that are dog safe. 

If your Golden Retriever has access to the garden unsupervised, make sure any spaces where poisonous plants grow are blocked off. 

You can also teach your dog the ‘leave’ command so you can stop them in the act. 

And if they are still a curious pup, distract them with lots of fun toys. 

Check Their Mouth

A look inside your Retriever’s mouth can help you identify what is causing the drooling. 

If you can remove foreign objects, large or small, do so. Check the teeth and gums. If you see anything untoward, consult your vet.

Routine dental care is essential for your Golden Retriever, and it’s essential to get your dog used to your hands in its mouth to check for any tooth or gum problems or any foreign objects.

So make it part of your routine, at least two or three times a week, to check their mouth. 


How To Get My Golden Retriever To Stop Drooling?

Some drool is natural, and it’s nothing to overthink about. Salivation helps with digestion. Drooling also helps with tasting and smelling things in their environment. 

If your dog’s average level of drool bothers you and you want to protect their fur and your home, put an absorbent bandana on. 

If it’s excessive, then it’s time to see if there’s an underlying issue.

Do Golden Retrievers Tend To Drool A Great Deal?

Golden Retrievers don’t drool as much as other dogs like bulldogs and mastiffs, but as a food-motivated dog, the sight of food certainly can send their saliva glands into overdrive.

Do Golden Retrievers Drool When They Are Stressed?

Yes, the anxiety response can precipitate drooling. Goldens are very social and friendly dogs and can feel lonely if left alone for long periods. This may cause anxiety in Golden Retrievers, which can lead to the drooling problem. 

How Much Drool Is Normal In Golden Retrievers?

This is really for you to say as you are the expert on your Golden Retriever. Get to know your dog’s tendencies, and you will soon notice when the drooling becomes excessive. 


Your Golden Retriever’s drool is something that you have to live with. But it’s important to know what constitutes normal levels of drool and what is too much.

Drooling is natural in dogs, and even I observe this in my Golden Retriever. There’s nothing to worry about; it’s natural. If the drool is excess and unusual, then you should take your Golden to the vet.

Through your day-to-day interactions with your Golden Retriever, you will see what makes it drool more or less. This will help you detect any changes that could be problematic. In any doubt, always seek help from your veterinarian. 

I’m sure that now you might be clear with the thought that why do Golden Retrievers drool? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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