Are Chow Chows Good With Kids? (Things To Consider)

Chow Chows are incredibly fluffy dogs with a cute teddy bear appearance that is attractive to kids. Their other distinctive appearance is their dark blue tongue.

They are a stubborn breed that feels the need to show their dominance but make great family pets. However, are these stubborn breeds child friendly? Below we discuss this further.

Are Chow Chows Good With Kids?

Chow Chows are loyal dogs with stubborn tendencies and are not generally child friendly. Chow Chows can be aggressive, especially with kids that like to play rough, so it is advisable to train your kids on how to treat your Chow Chow or give your Chow Chow some socialization training.

Teaching Your Kids How To Act Around Your Chow Chow

Chow Chows are naturally furry dogs that look cute and cuddly which may attract young children to want to cuddle. Unlike other dogs, Chow Chows do not have the patience to be cuddled or played rough with; thus, below are pointers to teach your kids to ensure their safety:

  • Do not approach any dog and just touch it, even if you are familiar with it, so always ensure you ask an adult permission to touch it.
  • Do not touch a dog while eating, asleep, or playing because they might get aggressive.
Things To Consider When Owning A Chow Chow And Having Kids

Things To Consider When Owning A Chow Chow And Having Kids

As an owner, refrain from leaving young children and your Chow Chow unattended. Your Chow Chow may unwillingly collide with your child and make them fall; if you are not nearby, you may not know if your child needs help. Teaching your children how to treat their pets is essential because even though Chow Chows are not aggressive dogs, one cannot predict their reaction if they are maltreated. Check their family history before adopting it from a reputable dog breeder.

Training Your Chow Chow For Kids

Chow Chows are stubborn breeds that want to be in charge. It is best to train your Chow Chow from an early age so that they will become accustomed to your family and especially children. This is a stubborn breed, and you will have to ensure that they know you are the alpha, or else they will not listen to you and understand that some breeds take longer than others to train, so your patience will be key. The more socialized your Chow Chow is, the less likely they are to show aggression to strangers.

Are Chow Chows Safe With Kids?

Chow Chows are calm, docile dogs; however, they are not too fond of overly excited kids. Socializing your Chow Chow to be around kids is the best way to ensure that they are not continuously provoked and manhandled in the process of your kids playing. As an owner, it is essential for you also to teach your kids how to behave and play with your Chow Chow. This is not an overly aggressive breed, so if adequately trained and treated well, Chow Chows can live harmoniously with your children and other animals.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive?

Chow Chows have a strong primal instinct and will defend their territory. They may become aggressive to unfamiliar faces and anyone they perceive as threatening their owner. Owners need to get their Chow Chow trained and socialized as early as possible to minimize their aggressive nature. Chow Chows can be the most loyal and fiercest family protector if they are well raised.

Are Chow Chows Good Family Dogs?

Chow Chows make good family pets. However, they need to be known for their playfulness. They prefer to lie down and rest alone due to their introversion, so they will not suit a house with playful young kids. Care must ensure that younger children are not left alone with the Chow Chow. The strong-willed nature makes them a bit complex to handle, so new dog owners are not advised to adopt this breed.

Are Chow Chows Good With Other Dogs?

Chow Chows can be aggressive to other dogs if they are not socialized, and this breed possesses some predatory instincts and will become aggressive if its territory is crossed. Chow Chows are introverted and might not like sharing their space, so they will not be good companions with other dogs unless they are socialized, and this needs to happen as early as possible to reduce their primal instincts. 

Are Chow Chows Good Guard Dogs?

Chow Chows were bred to protect their owners. This territorial breed won’t hesitate to show aggression when their turf is crossed. They connect with a family member and will become overprotective and defend them if they perceive a threat. Chow Chows were bred in China to help with hunting, herding, and guarding the family home, a role which they have never stopped doing. 

Are Chow Chows Easy To Train?

Chow Chows scored 3 out of 5 in a trainer rating. This breed can be stubborn and want things done their way, which means that you, as the owner, must be firm. They are driven by primal instinct, meaning they will resist and become disobedient if they feel you are not in charge. However, once you establish dominance, they become quick learners. 

Why Are Chow Chows Not Good With Kids?

Chow Chows have a limited amount of patience. Children get excited, hyper, and, in the process, play rough. Unlike most dog breeds that are hyper and entertain their young friends, Chow Chows lack the patience and eagerness to run around and instead prefer to be resting. One can never predict how a pet will respond to being climbed on, hugged, and having their space invaded; thus, keeping the pair under close supervision is essential.

Do Chow Chows Hate Kids?

Chow Chows do not hate kids; however, they do not like rough play. Naturally, Chow Chows are aggressive; however, if they grew up around children, there’s a greater chance of them getting along with them. Chow Chows are often docile and loyal but can be dangerous if provoked. Thus, teaching your children how to handle and play with your Chow Chow is essential so they do not trigger it.

Are Chow Chows Naturally Aggressive?

Chow Chows tend to be aggressive because they were bred to be guard dogs for families and livestock. It is essential for owners to both train and socializes their Chow Chows as early as possible so that they can familiarise themselves with other people. These intelligent family pets can be stubborn, making training more difficult. 


What Is The Least Child-Friendly Dog?

Chow Chows are docile dogs who are loyal to their masters. They tend to show signs of aggression toward those they are unfamiliar with, so owners need to be cautious of their Chow Chow around kids, significantly if they were not raised in the same house.

Do Chow Chows Bite Their Owners?

Chow Chows are loyal dogs that often bond to one household member and can be pretty aggressive to other people. They are more likely to bite a stranger than their beloved owner.


Chow Chows will make the best family pet. This breed has existed for many years and has proven to be a loyal and reliable companion that will go all out to protect its owner. With their lack of patience and introversion, Chow Chows are not recommended for families with small children.

Chow Chows can be a little aggressive; however, with the proper training, they can be the fiercest protectors of their families. Chows are also not ideal for novice dog owners because they require an experienced and firm hand to train them accordingly. 

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