Are Chow Chows Smart? (Explained)

Are you wondering whether Chow Chows are among smart dog breeds? Smart dogs are generally sought after due to their ability to learn quickly and master various skills.

Whether a dog is smart or not will affect how long you will have to train them. Are Chow Chows smart? We will answer this question and give all the relevant details in this article.

Are Chow Chows Smart?

No, Chow Chows are not smart. This does not necessarily mean that they are entirely dumb; however, they require a significantly longer amount of time to grasp concepts while being trained. Chow Chows generally need an experienced hand to train them properly.

Chow Chow Temperament

Chow Chows are often described to have similar temperaments as a cat, and they tend to keep o themselves quite often. If you have a Chow Chow, be reassured if your Chow Chow spends time away from you and everyone else and just gets lost in their heads. 

chow chow

Chow Chows are also independent, mouthy, and stubborn. Their independent and stubborn nature makes them challenging to train. This fact, coupled with their not-so-smart nature, means that it would be much easier for you to seek professional help to train your Chow Chow. 

Chow Chows generally need help to associate a prompt with a specific action. Some dogs need more time, increased repetitions, and patience, and Chow Chows are among those dogs. 

They are not affectionate dogs, and Chow Chows are not affectionate toward children and their families. They tend to be indifferent to everyone; however, when brought up in a loving home, Chow Chows can grow to be affectionate and caring towards their family. 

Why Are Chow Chows Dumb? 

The chow’s independent and stubborn nature is the cause of its being dumb. When referring to dumb, we are alluding to the Chow chow’s trainability and ability to follow instructions. As a result of their independent and stubborn nature, Chow Chows tend to behave as if they know better than others. 

If they are not trained with a firm hand or by an experienced hand, they may take on the role of the dominant figure in the relationship with its owner. While training, you must establish a clear companionship relationship with your Chow Chow.

Why Are Chows So Mean?

Chow Chows were initially bred to be guard dogs. As can be imagined, over the years, their duty entailed them being suspicious and standoffish towards strangers. This characteristic has stuck with them, and they struggle to show affection.  

Chow Chows are known for their aggressive tendencies. Hence, early socialization is crucial to ensure that your Chow Chow knows how to interact with other people and dogs. Not implementing socialization from an early age may lead to you indirectly encouraging your Chow Chow’s antisocial nature.

Are Chows Lazy?

Yes, Chows are lazy dogs. They have low energy, and unlike energetic dogs, they are not always ready to go. Chows are content to sleep the day away. Hence, they would make the ideal dog for someone who is also not as active.

Chows have low exercise needs; they would be satisfied with 15 to 30-minute walks daily. Since Chows require so little exercise and have such low energy, it may be easy to neglect their physical exercise. However, Chows are susceptible to excessive weight gain; hence you should encourage your Chow to live a balanced life.

Are Chows One Person Dogs?

Chows can be one-person dogs, and they can also be family dogs. When they have one owner and are adequately trained, Chows tend to form a close bond with that owner and are generally suspicious of everyone else. Chows are loyal dogs who would do practically anything for their loved ones. 

Chows can also excel in a family setting; however, we do not recommend getting a Chow if you have little children. Chow Chows love their own space, and children may overlook the importance of giving their dogs a bit of space. 

How Smart Are Chow Chows?

Chows would not be described as smart but rather intelligent. They are reluctant to put their canine intelligence on display, leading to them being classified as dumb. Chows have impressive instinctive intelligence in hunting, protecting, and guarding. 

Chows have strong wills, and due to their ancient lineage, they are evolutionary intelligent. They can adapt to various situations and learn how to thrive in those circumstances.

What Makes the Chow Chow Dog So Unique?

In terms of appearance, Chows tend to have black-blue tongues and an extra set of teeth. Chows also have straight hind legs, which is why they walk upright. In terms of their temperament, Chows are generally not friendly dogs, but they can build solid bonds with just one person or their family.

Chows are not aggressive by nature but rather a manifestation of inadequate training. Since they are so stubborn, they need a firm hand, or they may deviate from being mildly tempered to aggressive.


Chows are not intelligent dogs; they need help picking up on training and require significantly more training time than smart breeds. They are naturally suspicious of others due to their work as guard dogs, but with early socialization, they can learn to coexist peacefully with other people. Although Chows are not smart, they possess some intelligent traits due to their ancient lineage.

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  1. MY chow is very intelligent: sit, stay , down , come and she’s knows I’m the boss. Agreeable in the dog park. However, she has a strong prey drive and has killed intruders to the our garden.
    She thinks squirrels are a play thing.
    Loving, independent and loyal to a fault.


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