Do Chow Chows Like To Cuddle? (Are They Affectionate?)

Are you an affectionate person who is looking to get a Chow Chow? As an affectionate person who loves to cuddle, you should get a dog who shares your tendency to cuddle.   However, do Chow Chows like to cuddle?

Chow Chows have developed an antisocial reputation over the years; however, these rumors may not necessarily be true. We will be diving into the facts regarding Chow Chow’s supposed non-affectionate and whether they like to cuddle or not.

Do Chow Chows Like To Cuddle?

Chow Chows love to cuddle but only with their family or owners. Chow Chows are not the most affectionate dogs and consequently do not engage in affectionate acts like cuddling. However, if you show them affection and cuddle with them from a young age, you will notice that they thoroughly enjoy cuddling.

10 Reasons To Cuddle A Chow Chow 

10 Reasons To Cuddle A Chow Chow
  • Cuddling your Chow Chow will strengthen your relationship.
  • It is an opportunity for both of you to release some stress.
  • Your anxiety and that of your Chow will be reduced.
  • Cuddling is a form of pain relief.
  • Dogs need you to experience your affection through physical touch.
  • If you or your Chow are depressed, it can help you feel less alone.
  • It helps improve insulin release.
  • Chow Chows are fluffy and adorable.
  • The risk of experiencing a stroke will be reduced.
  • Your Chow will feel safe and loved.

What Does It Mean For My Chow Chow Dog To Hug Me?

Chow Chows are generally not the most affectionate dogs and tend not to show affection or engage in physical touch very often. However, when your Chow Chow hugs you, it is an indication that he wants to feel loved by you.

When a Chow Chow willingly starts to hug you, they trust you. If your Chow Chow allows you to pet them and rub their stomachs, they feel safe enough to show you their vulnerable side. At this point, your Chow Chow would be confident that you would never harm them.

How Do Chow Chows Show Affection?

Chow Chows can show affection by looking into your eyes. When they stare into your eyes, it generally strengthens your relationship with them. Another way for Chow Chows to show affection is by licking you. 

Although, some Chow Chows do not exhibit this tendency. However, when your Chow Chow licks you, it is often a way for them to show their love. 

How To Bond With A Chow Chow?

You should spend time with them, which should be implemented from the moment they step into your home. Even if you cannot spend much time with them, you should make it a point to spend time with them regularly and cuddle with them. By doing this from puppyhood, your Chow Chow will start to become accustomed to cuddling, and it also builds trust.

You should take the time to train your dog patiently. The training period is ideal for you and your Chow to bond. Incorporate treats and rewards into your training to make it a fun experience. 

Can Chow Chows Be Affectionate?

Yes, Chow Chows can be affectionate. Their affectionate nature is due to their loyalty to and love for their family members and owners. 

Although Chow Chows are naturally suspicious of people and require more time to trust and form a real connection with their owners, once that bond has been created, they are amongst the most loyal breeds. When they trust their owners, Chows tend to be affectionate and would even initiate hugs and cuddles.

Do Chow Chows Have A Favorite Person?

Yes, Chow Chows have a favorite person. Their favorite person is generally their owner or a member of their family. Chows tend to build inseparable bonds with their family, and they also tend to be the most affectionate with these individuals. 

How Do You Make A Chow Chow Happy?

Although Chow Chows are generally low-energy dogs, they were once used as hunting and guard dogs, so if it can come to it, they have the energy to be working dogs. Therefore, even if your Chow seems keen to spend the day lazing around, they would appreciate some time in a park where they can run around and have fun. 

You should allow your Chow Chow to interact with other individuals and dogs from a young age, and this will ensure that they do not grow antisocial or hostile towards other people and dogs. You would generally end up with a happier and more friendly Chow Chow. 

Is It Normal That My Chow Chow Does Not Want To Be Cuddled?

Yes, it is normal for your Chow Chow not to want to cuddle. Chow Chows are generally not as affectionate as other dog breeds; they tend to feel suffocated when they are touched too quickly. This is especially true if you only cuddle with them occasionally when they are still puppies.

In such cases, you should allow your Chow Chow to initiate the cuddles or try to cuddle with them now and then. Gradually will enable them to become accustomed to cuddling with you.


Are Chows One Person Dogs?

Yes, Chow Chows generally tend to form inseparable bonds with their owners. They would be undeniably loyal to their owner and tend to be affectionate with them while being suspicious of other individuals. However, Chows can excel as family dogs too.

How Do You Calm A Chow Chow?

Chow Chows respond to positive reinforcement. If you Chow Chow is up in arms, do not shout at them or take on an aggressive demeanor because that will put them on guard; rather, gently speak to them.


Chows love to cuddle but generally only with their owners or family members. However, only a few times because, like most dogs, Chows tend to feel suffocated when they are held for too long. Chows are generally not the most affectionate dogs, but if you implement affectionate acts such as cuddling would allow your Chow to become more affectionate and display their affection too.

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