Why Does My Chow Chow Keep Whining? (6 Causes)

Have you been wondering why your Chow Chow has been whining? Even though dogs cannot talk, they communicate using various methods, including whining. However, what your Chow Chow is trying to communicate is a different question.

When your Chow Chow whins, it may mean several different things but do not worry, we will discuss the various potential reasons why your Chow Chow is whining. We will also discuss ways in which you can identify the reason behind your Chow Chow’s whining. 

Why Does My Chow Chow Keep Whining?

Chow-Chows whin to communicate with people. When your Chow Chow whins, they could be trying to communicate their remorse or want attention or something like a treat. In other cases, Chow Chows could be whining because they are scared or stressed.

What Causes A Chow Chow To Whine? (6 Causes)

What Causes A Chow Chow To Whine? (6 Causes)

1. Whining For Attention

If you are preoccupied and your Chow Chow starts whining, they likely just want attention. Many dogs tend to feel starved for attention when suddenly left with nothing to do. When this happens, your Chow Chow probably wants you to play with them, or even a rub on the head would make them feel less neglected.

A way to counter this behavior is to ensure that your Chow Chow gets the necessary daily exercise and mental stimulation. If your dog is well exercised, they would have the opportunity to expend their pent-up energy and will most likely not feel as bored at home. Chow Chows require a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

2. Your Chow Chow Wants Something

Just like kids do, when your Chow Chow wants something, they will whin as a way to communicate it to you. This could be the case when your Chow Chow is hungry and wants some food, or they would want their toy. In such cases, your Chow Chow will stop whining once you have given them what they want.

However, you should refrain from giving your dog whatever they are whining for. This behavior should not be encouraged, or you may find it challenging to teach your Chow Chow the meaning of ‘no.’ 

3. Saying “Sorry.”

If you have scolded your dog or done something they should not have done, they could be whining about apologizing to you. When dogs do something they are not supposed to, and their owners find out, they tend to take on a submissive attitude.

When your Chow Chow is whining as a way to apologize to you, you should acknowledge their apology. Letting your dog know that you have accepted their apology is essential in making them feel welcomed and accepted by you. Taking your Chow Chow’s apology will also help to reduce their anxiety.

4. Going Through A Pain

Your Chow Chow could be whining because they are in pain. You should take note of when your dog whines. If your Chow Chow whines while trying to climb up some stairs or move around, then you should check them for any signs of wounds. You can locate the affected area by taking note of where your dog licks itself.

If you do not discover any visible wound, then your dog could be experiencing some internal pain. In such a case, you should take your Chow Chow to a veterinarian for a check-up. 

5. Your Chow Chow Is Scared Or Stressed

When dogs are stressed or scared, they tend to communicate that by whining. Other symptoms of fear and stress include trembling, pacing, loss of appetite, increased appetite, panting, and drooling. You should identify the cause of your dog’s anxiety or fear.

Suppose your dog starts whining when you have a guest around. They may simply be nervous about having a new person around the house or have had an unsavory interaction with that guest.

6. Your Chow Chow Is Excited 

Taking note of the circumstance under which your Chow Chow is whining will help you identify why they are whining. If you are about to head to the park and grab their leash, your Chow Chow could be whining out of excitement. Your Chow Chow could also be whining out of excitement before you give them their favorite treat.

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How Do I Get My Chow Chow To Stop Whining Nonstop?

To stop your Chow Chow from whining constantly, you should address the root of their whining. If your dog is whining because they want something, you should train it to handle that situation better. You could use command training to counter such behavior. If your Chow Chow is whining as a result of excitement, you could wait for them to calm down before interacting with them.

Should You Ignore A Whining Chow Chow?

Whether you should ignore your whining Chow Chow or not is dependent on the reason why they are whining. If your dog is in pain, scared, or stressed, you should not ignore them but rather try to help them. If your dog is whining for attention or wants more food after being fed, you should not encourage such behavior.

How Do You Calm Down A Whining Chow Chow?

Chow Chows are stubborn dogs who do not respond well to negative reinforcement and could result in your Chow Chow being aggressive. Instead, you should use positive reinforcement to calm your whining Chow Chow. You should patiently train your Chow Chow and establish rules for dealing with various situations more positively.

Do Chow Chow Whine When They Are Happy?

Yes, when Chow Chows are excited, they tend to whine. Many dogs communicate their excitement by whining. You can identify whether your Chow Chow is whining out of excitement by taking note of the circumstances under which they are whining.


When your Chow Chow is whining, take note of the circumstances and other symptoms they may be displaying. If they are in pain, you should take them to a veterinarian to be treated. However, if they are whining simply to get your attention, you should ignore them to prevent them from making it a habit.

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