Can You Have A Chow Chow In Florida? (Explained)

Chow chows are double-coated family dogs that guard with loyalty. They were bred for pulling, herding, protection, and for hunting. They are known for their stubborn nature and susceptibility to high temperatures. Florida has climates that reach 93°F; if you own a Chow Chow and are planning to immigrate to Florida, below are a few tips. 

Can You Have A Chow Chow In Florida?

Chow Chow is permitted in Florida; however, there are restrictions. Chow Chows are classified as “dangerous dogs” due to their territorial nature, which can cause them to act unpredictably. Thus you will need to ensure that your Chow is well-trained and socialized so that they are less aggressive in public.

Are Chow Chow Banned In Florida?

Chow chows are not banned in Florida however, has restrictions. Florida has a “dangerous dogs list” defined as having an “apparent attitude to attack.” Chow Chows are territorial towards unfamiliar faces and thus can become aggressive. Properly socialize and keep them on a leash at all times. 

Are Chow Chows Ok In Hot Weather?

Chow chows cannot withstand heat because of their thick coats. Chow Chows were bred to live in cold Himalayan climates; however, if they are in the heat for too long, like in Florida, they can be susceptible to overheating. Thus ensure they are hydrated with lots of water. 

Why Is Chow Chow A Restricted Breed?

Chow Chows are a restricted breed in Florida. Chow Chows are considered on the “dangerous dogs” list and require owners to take extra precautions to avoid incidences. Chow Chows are territorial and stubborn, so grooming is necessary to socialize them and not get you fined. 

Do Chow Chows Hate The Heat?

Chow Chows have a thick double coat that acts as insulation. They were bred to withstand the cold Asiatic winters and therefore do not do well in the heat, and they must be kept hydrated and out of high temperatures to avoid overheating. 

Can Chow Chow Live Without AC?

Chow Chows can live without AC but must be kept cool. Florida temperatures are high, so owners may turn on the AC to cool off their Chow Chow. However, if there is no AC, ensure your Chow Chow is constantly hydrated and restricted from strenuous activities.


Chow Chow is territorial, which has earned them a reputation for being an aggressive or dangerous breed. Florida has restrictions to ensure such dogs are kept well guarded to prevent incidences; however, with the proper grooming, Chow Chows can become more social.

Along with this comes their inability to withstand high temperatures. As an owner who lives in Florida, keep them well hydrated in the heat.

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