Why Does My Chow Chow Lick Me? (Reasons & Solutions)

Has your Chow Chow been licking you? It is an endearing experience when your dog shows you affection by licking you, especially when it comes from a Chow Chow, because Chows are not known for being openly affectionate. However, what if your dog licks you excessively? Would it still be an action motivated by affection, or is it completely different?

This article will discuss the various reasons why your Chow Chow may be licking you and ways to counter this behavior.

Why Does My Chow Chow Lick Me?

Your Chow Chow could be licking you to show you affection. Sometimes, they could submit to you and acknowledge you as the ‘alpha.’ When your Chow Chow licks you excessively, it may indicate that they are either anxious or are affected by some form of allergy.

Reasons Why Your Chow Chow Licks 

Reasons Why Your Chow Chow Licks 

Your Chow Chow Is Showing You Affection

When your Chow Chow licks you, they are likely showing you affection. In most cases, showing affection is the main reason Chow Chows lick their owners. Licking is the dog version of kissing, and licking people to show affection is a behavior that dogs develop during puppyhood. 

Dogs lick themselves, or mothers lick their puppies as a means of grooming. Dogs lick and groom each other to express their affection, which is the same concept when your Chow Chow licks you.

Your Chow Chow Is Submitting To You

Your Chow Chow could be submitting to you when they lick you. Chow Chows are dogs that need a strong presence from their owners, or they may take it upon themselves to assume the role of the dominant figure. When you have assumed the dominant role and your Chow Chow acknowledges you, they may lick you to show you that they are submitting to your dominance. 

You can identify this by taking note of your Chow Chow’s body language. Your Chow Chow’s ears would be dropped, and they would also lower their heads.

Your Chow Chow Wants Your Attention

Chow Chows do not bond with many people but rather form deep bonds with a few people, sometimes only one person. When you have trained your Chow Chow and developed a deep connection with them, they want to be around you often. When your Chow Chow wants your attention, they may lick you.

They would also bark, whine, or stare at you to get your attention. When your Chow Chow licks you, they may want something like a treat, some playtime, or even relieve themselves. 

Your Chow Chow Is Stressed Or Anxious

When your Chow Chow licks you because they are anxious, you can identify it by taking note of their body language. Your Chow Chow would be licking their lips, their eyes wide open, their ears may be tucked, and they would be whining. These are all signs of stress in dogs. When your Chow Chow licks themselves in such situations, they calm themselves.

Your Chow Chow Might Be Going Through Any Allergies

If you notice your Chow Chow licking their paws excessively, it may indicate that they are experiencing some form of allergy. You should examine your Chow’s paw for any signs of injury. If you find no signs of injury, they may be affected by a skin condition resulting in allergies and bacterial issues.

Your Chow Chow could also be experiencing an allergy caused by food. If you are feeding them the same food you have constantly fed them, your Chow may have become allergic to a particular ingredient.


If your Chow is licking you to get your attention, you should decide when to reward their behavior and when not to. If you reward them, they will grow accustomed to getting exactly what they want when they lick you. If your dog wants to continue licking you whenever they need something, you should reward the behavior.

However, if you do not want this behavior to stick, you should not reward your dog but rather ignore them or find an alternative when they lick you to get your attention. 

When your Chow is stressed or anxious, you should try to identify the cause of their anxiety and remove that trigger. Dealing with your Chow’s stress triggers is an effective way to resolve the issue long-term.

If your Chow Chow is experiencing allergies, you should contact your veterinarian to acquire a solution best suited for your Chow Chow. An air purifier will help cleanse the air and remove the allergens if your Chow Chow is affected by seasonal allergies. You could also filter your dog’s water before allowing them to drink it, which will significantly reduce the number of toxins your dog consumes.

Is Licking Problematic?

In most cases, licking is harmless because your Chow could simply show you affection, or they could recognize your dominance. However, in some situations, you may have to address the issue. Some people do not enjoy being licked, and if your friends or family dislike being licked, they may not appreciate it if your dog starts licking them.

In some situations, licking indicates that your dog needs medical attention. Dogs lick themselves when they are injured or experiencing allergies. If your dog does not excessively like a specific part of its body, you may not know they are injured.

Is Licking A Way Of Kissing For Your Chow Chow?

Yes, Licking is a way of kissing for Chow Chows. When dogs are puppies, their mothers lick them to show them affection. Dogs pick up on this behavior and, in turn, lick you to show that they love you. Licking is also an intimate act that dogs would generally not do to anyone they do not trust.

chow chow puppy

How To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Licking?

Initially, you should take your Chow Chow to a veterinarian, and the vet will examine your dog to identify any injury or medical issues. Once injuries and medical problems have been ruled out, you should implement solutions to address your Chow Chow’s behavior.

When your dog licks you, you should redirect their attention and instead have them do something completely unrelated to licking. You could have your dog play with a ball or any other activity, and this is an effective and positive way to get your Chow Chow to stop licking people.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Arm So Much?

Your dog could be licking your arm because you taste good. If your dog is still a puppy, it should be no surprise that they lick you excessively because dogs discover the world through smelling and licking. Your dog could simply like the taste of the cream on your body, or they may be intrigued by the taste of your sweat.

Are Chow Chows Affectionate?

No, Chow Chows are not naturally affectionate. However, it does not mean that Chow Chows cannot be affectionate. To get your Chow Chow to a point where they are affectionate, you must show the affection from an early age so that they may become accustomed to it. You should also train them with a firm hand because they are a stubborn and challenging breed.


Why Do Dogs Lick Their Owners?

Dogs lick their owners to show them affection; another reason would be to show them some empathy. If you arrived home, your dog could be licking you to welcome and show you that they are happy to see you.

Why Does My Dog Want To Lick Me All The Time?

If your dog is licking you excessively, it may be stressed, and you should watch out for other indications of stress, such as whining, pacing, and tucked ears. In other cases, your dog could be licking you because they are in pain and would like to draw your attention to it.


Chow Chows lick to show you affection. This will especially be the case when you and your Chow Chow have formed a strong bond. In such cases, your Chow Chow would also lick you to acknowledge your dominance. In other cases, your Chow Chow may lick you to get your attention.

If this behavior does not bother you, you should reward them or give them your attention. However, if it bothers you should not encourage this behavior.

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