Why Does My Chow Chow Stink? 8 Ways To Smell Great

Chow Chows are different from other dog breeds; they are good-smelling and naturally have a low dog odor. They like to be clean; our job is to keep them well-groomed and adequately care for them. 

Some of us feel they have a smell that could be better; is that true? Why do they smell? Take a look at this article, and you will be able to decide for yourself. 

Why Does My Chow Chow Stink?

Chow Chow naturally have a low dog odor; they are usually spotless animals and love themselves to be adequately groomed. A few potential reasons for your Chow Chow to stink could be poor hygiene, ear and skin infections, diet, and anal gland issues.

It should be easy to find the smelly areas; it could be their paws, ears, mouth, or skin. There are specific ways to handle it once you find out the root cause of the smell. 

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Anything related to your Chow’s health may sound costly and tough to handle on your own, a smelly Chow Chow can also be a sign of an unhealthy dog, but in a lot of cases, there are easy ways to fix the specific issue, and you can always take advice from your vet. Some problems that might be causing a displeasing smell in your Chow Chow are some of their body parts;

Anal glands: If you detect some fishy smell from your Chow Chow’s backside, it is because there is some issue with their anal glands; you should always want to see and visit your veterinarian so they can help and take a proper checkup and give you the right guidance on the condition.

Ears: The most common problem among many dogs is that not all dogs need their ears cleaned regularly, but some need cleaning their ears more often because excess wax and dead skin cells cause a disgusting smell in their ears. Your vet can and will help you and will clarify the issue. 

Skin/Fur: If you observe a foul, dirty sock-like smell, it is evident that your Chow Chow can build up yeast on their skin like most of the other long-haired dogs. And their fur will start to look greasy. 


Whatever your Chow is eating significantly impacts the smell that comes out from them. Some owners say that certain types of food, like kibbles, will help their Chow to exhale a less displeasing aroma after some time.  

Many people have suggested switching your dog to a raw meat diet if they are incredibly smelly, which stops its unpleasant smell and bad breath. So keep your Chow Chow’s diet overlooked, and it will be fine. 

Irregular Grooming

Although it is correct that Chow Chows are clean and tidy dogs, with time, they can cause a displeasing smell that gradually grows under their fur. And if you notice this smell, it is time for a good clean bath. Giving a bath once in 6 months is good enough for your Chow Chow; some may get away with it for more than six months without a bath. It would help if you decided for yourself with your perception about when your Chow should be cleaned. 

8 Ways To Help Your Chow Chow Smell Great

If you notice your Chow Chow is starting to smell gross, and nobody wants it to smell disgusting, and you don’t know what to do about it, here are some tips to help them smell good. 

Ways To Help Your Chow Chow Smell Great

Give Them Regular Baths

The number of times you bathe your Chow Chow every year will be based on how fast they start to smell again. Once you notice a terrible smell is increasing in their fur, could you bathe them? And if you observe that they are sensing in a short time after this wash, something else could be causing this smell, and you should immediately take them to your vet. 

Groom Them Regularly

Chow Chow has a lot of fur on their body, so you can give them good grooming 3 to 4 times a week by brushing them regularly to get smelly dirt out of their coat. Regular brushing will also help remove the extra fur from their body.  

Give Their Bedding A Good Wash

Like us, their bedding also gets dirty and starts to smell after some time; your Chow Chow will automatically smell too. Any diet they bring inside the house will settle in their bedding and can get dirty and smelly quickly. So try to give their bedding a clean, good wash every week. 

Clean Paws After Walks

Since they can’t clean themselves, it is our job to take proper care of them; you should always wash their paws after walks so they don’t get any dirt in the house or on their bedding which will lead them to smell very bad. 

Look At Their Ears

Chow Chows can’t clean their ears themselves. Not all dogs need their ears cleaned regularly, but some do because excess wax and dead skin cells cause a disgusting smell in their ears. You can use a soft and clean wash towel soaked in warm water to clean their ears, and make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on them. Just gently cleaning them every month will be a good take. 

Keep Their Teeth And Gums In-Check

You should always brush your Chow Chow’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week to maintain your dog’s good health and prevent bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, tooth loss or toothache, etc. Even Though nearly all dogs hate their teeth to be brushed, it is not something we should neglect. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste made especially for dogs to keep their smelly breath away. 

Promote Dental Hygiene And Fish-Free (Or Reduced) Food

You may notice a bad smell on your Chow Chow, the most common cause for this is their diet. What you’re feeding your Chow Chow if you feed them is a cheap diet loaded with preservatives and additives. Not only that, but it will also affect their health and will give off a disgusting nasty smell. So constantly give your Chow Chow very high quality and nutritious food to help improve their health and hygiene.

Regular Vet Checkups Are Essential

As you can’t talk or communicate with your Chow Chow, taking your beloved Chow Chow to regular vet checkups is always better to know your Chow is in good health. If they have some unrevealed health conditions, it is good to get to know them before rather than when it’s too late. So do your Chow and yourself a favor and take them to monthly checkups, which are essential. 

Why Does My Chow Chow Smell Like Fish?

Suppose your Chow Chow is giving off a fishy kind of odor. Most likely, it is because their anal glands are attached and must be set free. Their anal sacs are the size of a pea on both sides of your dog’s anal pore. These sacs have an oily substance released through your dog’s waste matter. 

Is Chow Chow A Smelly Dog?

Chow Chow is very meticulous and is a spotless animal. They do have a significantly less particular dog odor kind of smell, but if they are brushed regularly and adequately cared for, it is not a big issue.   

How Often Should You Wash Your Chow Chow?

Although Chow Chows are low odor, they need daily brushing and grooming to keep their coat clean and out of all the dirt. They must also be bathed at least once in 2 to 3 months to keep their thick coat, and skin – fresh and healthy. 

Why Is My Dog Making Terrible Smells?

There can be a lot of different causes like allergies, fungus, hormonal imbalance, parasites, and inflammation which leads to overgrown yeast or bacteria on their skin, which is causing a disgusting smell. And if your dog is licking or scratching a lot onto themselves, it can cause bacterial infection. 


Chow Chow are good-smelling dogs and have very little natural odor on them. However, they can be exposed to dental, ear, and skin infections due to oil/sweat building up on their body. Proper care, grooming, and regular vet appointments will keep your Chow Chow feeling and smelling great.

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