Why Does My Chow Chow Follow Me Everywhere? 9 Reasons

Does your Chow Chow follow you everywhere you go? In that case, you know what it’s like to have a fellow companion chasing you all around the house, whether cooking in the kitchen or roaming in the house from one room to another or when you visit the bathroom. 

Having a companion with you all the time can make you feel calm, comforting, and lovable, but not always. Sometimes it cannot be enjoyable too.

But why does your Chow Chow follow you everywhere, and is that a typical trait? 

Why Does My Chow Chow Follow Me Everywhere?

There could be numerous reasons why your Chow Chow follows you everywhere; likely, it’s a sign that they love and trust you or are even obsessed with you. Like humans, dogs also have a favorite person, and mostly, they are the owners.

Also, the hormone oxytocin is released when dogs interact with someone they like. It is called the “love hormone,” which makes you feel warm and happy around someone you want.  

Here are the 9 reasons why your Chow Chow is following you everywhere.

They’re Anxious Or Afraid

Not all chows suffer from anxiety, but some are clingy and become anxious when the owner leaves the house. They could also be distressed by any recent incident that makes them afraid when left alone.

You can always help your dog be more confident by letting them socialize with other people and dogs. Still, if you are concerned, you should immediately consult your vet or an animal behaviorist.  

They Want To Know What’s Going On 

Chows are naturally curious and nosy; they always tend to know what their favorite person is up to. So following you around is a sign that they trust you. For them, you are the only person they know and are the only way to do all the exciting and fun things they get to do.

Still, in some cases, your Chow’s inquisitive nature may be integrated with a severe FOMO issue (fear of missing out); they are usually covered by your feet and are always behind you like a shadow sticking their nose into everything.

They’re Waiting For You

Dogs are also able to read your body language, and they can find clues about what you are thinking of doing next. And if you plan on doing something they believe will be fun and appealing, they follow you, expecting you to do it soon.

Your Chow Chow probably knows it and may follow you around the house, hurling you with whatever task you do. Dogs are also great at picking up faster and learning their daily routines and habits. They are also well aware of when it’s time to go for a walk or when to be fed.

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Your Chow Chow Loves You

Chow Chows love their owner; they are social animals but don’t like to get close to strangers, but will slowly accept them if their owners appropriately introduce them. They generally show immense love and affection towards only one person, primarily the owner.

They love and adore you, and spending time with them will always make them happy and safe. They genuinely enjoy spending time with their favorite person, The owners are a huge part of their dog’s life, and being with them and showing them love means everything to them. 

They’re Bored

If your Chow follows you everywhere, it is because they are bored and are looking for some task to do; they may follow you closely because they might want something, feeling scared or anxious; it is in their natural behavior to just be nosy most of the time to see and follow what you are doing to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Your Chow should always be involved in their daily activities, and if not, then make sure you keep them busy and physically active in their schedule by making it more fun and exciting they will enjoy it a lot by taking them for longer and regular walks, by giving them different toys and puzzles to play, will help them grow mentally and also will keep them busy in their own company.

It’s A Natural Behaviour

It is in their natural social behavior to follow you everywhere, to keep an eye on what you are doing, and follow you everywhere to maintain a good relationship with you. Medically it is called Allelomimetic behavior. It has many reasons, like self-consciousness and being with you, whom they trust the most is a safe and friendly place to be, creating and maintaining social bonds; they may also copy you and your behavior. It’s their part of learning. 

They Get Rewards When They Follow You

Having a furry little companion around can always be unique but also irritating sometimes, and your Chow doesn’t know about it. You should train them well when you like them to be around. If your Chow Chow follows you every time, then maybe because of your reactions, do you show them love and affection, give them cuddles, treats?

Then your Chow may know that following you around gets them all the good things, and your passion motivates them to keep doing it. 

They’re Trying To Tell You Something

Following you suddenly and being more sticky than usual are some warning signs of being noticed because it could mean that they are not feeling well and might need some reassurance and some extra love and care from you, and showing them to a vet can ease all the doubts. 

If your Chow Chow is barking, whining, or walking back and forth continuously, try following them to see where they take you, they may be thirsty and need more water, more food, or need to go outside for potty. 

Your Chow Chow Is In Pain

If you notice that your Chow Chow is less energetic, becomes clingy, or appears to be depressed all of a sudden, then they could be undergoing some discomfort or pain. And you should straight away consult your veterinarian.

They may also simply follow you around because they are lonely and bored; you can help kill their loneliness by just taking out some time daily to play with them in their playtime, giving them some fun toys and puzzles. 

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Why Is My Chow Chow Suddenly Following Me?

Is your Chow Chow suddenly following you and becoming more sticky and clingy than usual? In that case, these are some warning signs to be noticed because it could mean something is wrong. They are not feeling well or worried and may be scared of something around them that has happened, which is disturbing them and causing distress, and might need some reassurance, extra love, and care from you. It would help if you showed them to a vet, which would erase all the doubts. 

Do Chow Chows Have Separation Anxiety?

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety can break into pieces when they are away from their beloved owners, significantly affecting their mental and physical health. Separation anxiety is a general problem in dogs.

Not all dogs have separation anxiety. You can easily differentiate between a happy dog that enjoys being around you and an anxious dog when you are not. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are prone to follow their owner around the house and become very nervous just before their owners leave.

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Some signs from which you can make out whether your Chow Chow is suffering from separation anxiety or not – barking, chewing the furniture and shoes, or is usually being more ruinous, especially around the front door and windows, having accidents in the house. But some dogs settle down after some time, while others are the same throughout the day until the owner returns home.  

Being constantly stressed can cause a lot of harm to your beloved Chow Chow and lead to long-term physical and mental health issues, so if you think your dog has separation anxiety, it’s essential to talk to your vet or animal behaviorist as soon as possible. 

Do Chow Chows Pick One Person?

Yes, Chow Chows do pick one favorite person, and if your Chow follows you around the house, then it is assumably you are the only one in your household who arranges and supplies them with whatever they need the most; it could be food, games, love, and care, or fun. You are the one in your household who is the best caretaker of your dog.


It takes a lot of patience and hard work to train your Chow Chow to be happy in their own company; keeping your Chow Chow busy by giving them plenty of exercises and taking them for walks twice a day will help them socialize with other people and dogs and will help them to be more confident. 

Never punish your Chow Chow for following you, instead teach them slowly with love and affection, first start to teach them to stay where they are and gradually keep building distance with them room one step to another room, also teach them to go to their bed on their own, You can always consult an animal behaviorist for the proper training for your dog if you think you’re not making any progress. 

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