Why Does My Chow Chow Snort? (Explained)

A snoring Chow Chow can be loud even though it can be annoying at times; it could mean there is an underlying health condition. Snoring and snorting all result from the airway being blocked by a foreign obstacle, or it can be a hereditary condition synonymous with breeds such as Chow Chows.

As an owner, these sounds may worry you; however, most times; they are harmless; below, we explain the causes of snoring and snorting sounds and tips to consider.

Why Does My Chow Chow Snort?

Chow Chows may snort as a reaction to foreign objects getting into their nose.

These objects, such as dirt, pollen, or sinus infections, can cause irritations in the nose and cause them to snort to relieve themselves. If your Chow Chow snorts occasionally, it is not a big issue; however, taking them for a check-up at a veterinarian would be the best choice if it persists.

Is It Normal For Chow Chow To Snore?

Yes, it is pretty standard for Chow Chows to snore. Chow Chows are a breed of short muzzle often diagnosed with nasal problems. These shorter muzzles make breathing hard, often leading to heavy panting and snoring when they sleep or are out of breath. Snorting is just a rush of pressured air going through the snout; however, if you feel it is persistent, take your Chow Chow to the veterinarian for checkups.

Should I Worry If My Chow Chow Snores?

Chow chows snore when they are asleep for reasons ranging from mild allergies to serve health issues.  Chow chows are prone to snoring because of their anatomy of having a short snout which makes breathing difficult. If snoring has been a common thing with your Chow Chow, then you should have no worries; however, if it is recent, it could be a health condition that should be checked on and diagnosed.

Why Does My Chow Chow Make A Snort Sound?

Chow Chows make snort sounds because of reverse sneezing. When your Chow Chow reverses sneezes, the muscles in their throat spasm and irritate the soft palate; breathing in air through their nose too fast causes snorting sounds to be emitted.

When your Chow Chow makes these sounds, it sounds like they are choking or in pain; however, they are okay. All breeds can experience snorting however it is more relevant in dogs with shorter snouts, like your Chow Chow.

Why Does My Chow Chow Randomly Wheeze?

Chow Chows will wheeze if the airflow is blocked from the airways. When the trachea or bronchi airway is blocked, whistling can be heard when your Chow Chow breathes. Wheezing can also occur from too much mucus, allergies, or infections in these airways.

Wheezing is common and lasts a few seconds before your Chow Chow catches their breath; however, if it is continuous and they show signs of having breathing difficulties, a visit to the emergency room will be necessary.

Why Does My Chow Chow Snort While Eating?

Chow Chows may snort while eating because of the lack of airflow. Chow Chows are short-snouted breeds that suffer from breathing problems because of their snout shape, which restricts airflow to the lungs.

If a Chow chow is eating in a hurry, they may make snorting sounds because there are short bursts of air going through the nasal passage at high pressure. Snorting may be harmless; however, if you notice it becoming more prominent, it is advisable to take them to the veterinary.


Do Dogs Snort When They Are Happy?

Dogs snort when they are happy as a way of expressing themselves. They may get excited and jump around, so air is forced out of their snouts, creating snorting/grunting noises.

Why Is My Dog Making Grunting Noises?

Dogs make grunting noises when air is pressured in the snout, or there is a blockage. Excitement may push air through the small nasal passage and cause grunting or snorting sounds. 


Chow Chows are prone to having breathing problems which make owners worry when their Chow Chow makes funny breathing noises. Snoring is often harmless; however, it could also be caused by health conditions that may become aggregated or left untreated.

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